Is Aris The Original Gamer?

ORIGINAL-GAMER.COM has interviewed one of the most unique fighting game players ever, Aris! Check out the podcast including a discussion about the Tekken series, as well as Aris’ fighting game business history. Click the link below to jump to the podcast.

9 Responses to Is Aris The Original Gamer?

  1. Undead_Nemesis says:


  2. Tekkenlover says:

    aris all the way, the god of middle finger aris we love u man

  3. EDGE says:


  4. JFJ says:

    Can I jump in your beard aris

  5. Eskchen says:

    Yuu is so handsome

    Guess he has many girlfriends

  6. AZYG4LYFE says:

    Such an inspiration, cool guy too!

  7. chetchetty says:

    party in aris’ beard!

  8. faggot says:

    That guy is a fucking tramp go and wash.

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