How Would “Hit Box” Arcade Sticks Work In Tekken?

Our man tieTYT takes a look at a unique new controller style that has been re-introduced to the fighting game scene… This one officially dubbed the “HIT BOX” ! Check out his take on it by clicking below!

By Dan ‘tieTYT’ Kaplan

I’m not sure what to think of this shit. I have to admit that I am an arcade stick purist. I’ve given people shit about being pad players for years (though i think pad is superior to stick). But this “Hit Box” shit is out of control. Check out the video and think about how these could be used in Tekken.

i14 EWGF would be much easier, Korean back dash would be insanely easy, especially with sway characters,¬†because you would be able to simply hit the “down button” then the “back button”. What I’m afraid of is that some Beethoven assed mother fucker will decide to play Tekken with one of these things and start fucking everyone up. What’s next, Dance Pads or Time Crisis Guns?

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