noodalls’ Tekken Trainers

Are you dreaming of working on your Tekken reflexes when you can’t use your console? noodalls has made your dreams come true, creating two brilliant trainers for your PC – a throw break and a hit confirmable move trainers will help you levelling up your reaction time and possibly make you a better player! Click the links below and download the programs.

Check the rest of the entry for the instructions.

Tekken Throw Break Trainer

Tekken Throw Break Trainer.Made with PStick, Hauppauge HD PVR, AVIDemux Gamemaker Pro 8 and a lot of time.

This is setup to use the numerical keypad, with equivalents on the keyboard.

Press keypad 8 (keyboard 3) to start. The computer will randomly throw you. Break appropriately.

Keypad 1 (keyboard i) is LP.
Keypad 2 (keyboard o) is RP
Keypad 0 (keyboard j,k,l) is LP+RP. Or you can press keypad 1 and 2 yourself.

Keypad + increases difficulty. Keypad – decreases difficulty.
Keypad * increases FPS by 10. Keypad / decreases FPS by 10.

Difficulty 1 = 1P side 1+3 and 2+4 throws
Difficulty 2 = 1P side 1+3, 2+4 and 1+2 throws
Difficulty 3 = 2P side 1+3 and 2+4 throws
Difficulty 4 = 2P side 1+3, 2+4 and 1+2 throws
Difficulty 5 = 1P & 2P all throws.

The window to break throws should be frame accurate the same as in the actual game. You should be able to hold keys and release keys to bring the same results as in the actual game.


If people want to contribute there own characters, it wouldn’t be too much work to incorporate them. I’m not doing the capture for them however.

F9 to take screenshots. Please don’t slow down the game to boost your scores. No one cares.

Hit Confirmable Move Trainer

Made in 6hrs. Used 2P Pstick for perfect inputs, Hauppauge HD PVR for capture 720p60, AVIdemux to convert M2TS files to jpegs and game maker pro 8 to make a game.

Instructions are in the opening screen, but basically press keypad 2 to begin, see if the opponent is attacking or not and then press keypad 1. (Think of 1 as being LK and 2 as being RK. You can press uf as well if you want to, but it adds nothing).

Press keypad * to speed up, press keypad / to slow down. Press keypad + to increase difficulty, press keypad – to decrease difficulty.

Difficulty 1 = easiest (opponent does 14F of animation)
Difficulty 2 = easiest + easy (opponent does 14F of animation, less distinct animation)
Difficulty 3 = easiest + easy + medium (opponent does 9F of animation)
Difficulty 4 = easiest + easy + medium + hard (opponent does 1F of animation).

You can press 3 to do the easiest animation, 4 to do the easy animation, 5 to do the medium animation and 6 to do the hard animation. Setting difficulty to 4 and pressing keypad 2 will randomly choose one of the various moves.
If you don’t have a keypad, k –> LK, l –> RK and the number 3-0 correspond to the keypad functions.

Timing should be accurate. Please let me know how many frames per second you are able to achieve, and on what system (CPU, ram, OS is about all I’d consider.)

Finally, you can press F9 to take screenshots. If people want to claim that this is hitconfirmable, then they can prove it as well. Please don’t slow the game down to achieve this.

Feedback and comments go HERE.


19 Responses to noodalls’ Tekken Trainers

  1. RREYGUN says:

    nice cant wait to try it out

  2. Wing says:

    noodals you are a fucking legend

  3. chemicalRed says:

    Good stuff noodalls.. His YouTube channel is pretty informative as well..It would be awesome if there was a Taunt~Jet Upper trainer.

  4. Forest says:

    Downloading it now. I hope you did not use a stage that is all pink like RIP’s throw break trainer. I have to squint at the screen after awhile, way to bright. It would be nice to be able to pick the stage.

  5. Tekkenlover says:

    hey di, garyoak has posted several more tekken crash vids

  6. Tekkenlover says:

    markman at 15:33 of ssf4

  7. Tekkenlover says:

    hey markman couple of people who play on stick in tekken and street fighter said that the sticks you make is great and easily can be use for any type fighting game, i might get one in near future, i’ve tried playing on stick before but i just cant get use to playing on stick in general, any tip for people who are trying to switch from pad to stick?

  8. noodalls says:

    I’d suggest posting in the right thread and not spamming.

  9. coilover2005 says:

    WOW! Talk about some MAJOR contribution for everyone in the scene! noodalls… This is huge! Thank you for all your hard work! Just gettin home from work and cant wait to check this out. Serious brownie points have just been awarded.

  10. ZZibu says:


    If someone one’s to download the tekken crash s6 qualifier video…here is the torrent

  11. goodos says:

    Noodalls is my man!

  12. Blind Ghost says:

    Mad Proprs to Noodalls for this, gona get this when i get my new PC..cause the fucking piece of shit im on right now is garbage.

    Fucking old ass piece of shit XP piece of Shit Computer, someone give me a fucking hammer so i can break this fucking thing in pieces. stupid piece of shit.

    wont donwlaod anythign takes forever to load up website Fucking old piece of shit.

    Fuck you HP.

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