Nstargame started broadcasting their Tekken 6 events, both for Koreans and English-speaking viewers at ustream.tv/toplayinter. Last time the event feautered a special guest, LDBob, the Swedish WCG Champion. The concept of the live stream is going to be evolving every Friday so support it by watching the events!

Tune in this Friday at 21:00 Korean time (12:00 GMT) for Nstargame’s weekly broadcast and stay tuned for more details, as well as our to be revamped Nstargame section with Sun Chip, Malgu, Soyongdori, Gakxini, Dioxin and Deja Vu coming soon!


  1. Nigga Dick Jax says:

    You 2 can both suck my Nigga Dick! Fuckin’ Spammers

  2. Forest says:

    What time will it be on in the Eastern Standard Time Zone?

  3. Maxi Milian says:

    7 AM EST Time.

  4. Memphis says:

    does anyone know why only_practice isn’t playing with 3 Witches right now? Instead of some Anna user…

    • cleanrich says:

      that “Anna user” represented korea for previous sbos

      his victorys also led to “team korea”s victory in
      touguki japanese major

  5. Feeber says:

    Is Superstar boycotting Tekken Crash?

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