Tekken Crash Season 6!

The 6th season of Tekken Crash is finally here! Dozens of Korean Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion players participated in the preliminary phase. Check out some of the videos and the list of qualified teams in the rest of the entry.


Why Works – Addung (Asu), Narakhof (Mar), Naengmyun Sungin (Rog)
Team Daegu – Crazy Dongpal (Kaz), Envy (Jac), Hideto (Pau)
Three Witches – Gura (Lil), Chanel (Ali), 200 Won (Ann)
Team Rude – Rude (?), Piri (?), Cheraf? (?)

Team Nell – Nell (Dra), Only Lili (Lil), Forget Me Not (?)
Three Monsters – Misty (Edd), Binchang (Bob), Dasalgi (Ste)
Team Go Attack – Go Attack (?), Taeyeon (?), Dongja (?)
Nstar Challenger – Dioxin (Nin), Gakxini (Dra), AnySpecial (Hwo)

Team Masan – Orange (Jin), Anna Sui (Lil), Dduwung? (?)
Team Barcas – Barcas (Jac), Holiday (Rog), Gudek (?)
Hao – Hao (Fen), Fight Spirit (Ste), Deja Vu (Bry)

Team Gwangju – Cool K (?), Marlboro (?), Devil Kick (?)
Team Gugugugu – Gugugugu (?), Cookie (?), Dalramendi (?)
Team FDJ – Fight Devil Jin (Ste), Saint (Gan), Hirano Aya (Ali)

Seeded teams:

Resurrection – Knee (Bry), Holeman (Lar), Tongbal Love (Dev)
Specialist – Rain (?), JDCR (?), Hankuma (?)


19 thoughts on “Tekken Crash Season 6!


      Three Lili players!! That’s great!! She is the best female in the game, no question about it!!

    1. Only Practice left Three Witches and joined team of Ji3Moon Ace. But that team was eliminated in the preliminaries. So sad.

      the Original
      Only Practice는 마녀삼총사(Three Witches) 팀을 떠나고, 지삼문에이스(Ji3Moon Ace)의 팀에 합류했습니다. 그러나 그 팀은 예선에서 탈락했습니다. 안타깝습니다.

  1. where is only_practice? he isn’t even playing. Is that why 3 Witches aren’t seeded? Winning last season? I hope they do well with 200… I like Gura, Chanel and only_practice… -.-

  2. binchang got tired of playing tekken for years at tekken emperor with raven and never getting promoted to the final rank lol. So he just picked a character thats easier to win/rank with.

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