Nin And Rain VS. Italy – LIVE!

Nin and Rain are in Italy and will be taking part in the Tekken-Italia 10th Anniversary Tournament today! The event is starting at 1PM local time (click here to check the current time in Italy). Be sure not to miss this great Tekken 6 tournament!

9 Responses to Nin And Rain VS. Italy – LIVE!

  1. Tekkenlover says:

    well that sucks i cant get in when try to see the live stream it says the access denied because the maximum number of viewer for this channeled has been reached!!!!! , whatever that means…. when i checked in it said only had 53 viewers

  2. toshi says:

    yeah i couldn’t get in either. :/ also, of course koreans like pizza! they have lots of pizza restaurants in korea.

  3. ron says:

    anyone know which character rain used and what was the score?

  4. Tekken says:

    My guess is Rain, lol

  5. MarkMan says:

    1st – Nin
    2nd – Rain
    3rd – Harry Potter
    4th – SabreDabre

  6. Di says:

    Sorry for the delay, I’m done with some study projects and ready to post Tekken news :)

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