Nin Wins In Italy

Another European Tekken 6 tournament with participants from Korea took place last weekend. Unfortunately, due to limitations for the viewers there were little people who could watch the event, including the Grand Finals between Nin and Rain. Click the link below to check the list of top 8 players of the Tekken-Italia 10th Anniversary Tournament.

1st – Nin
2nd – Rain
3rd – Harry Potter
4th – sabredabre
T 5th – DevilKazuya
T 5th – Re di Hokuto
T 7th – Juflu
T 7th – Rikimaru

Click here to view the full Double Elimination brackets.

6 Responses to Nin Wins In Italy

  1. pillowboy says:

    Congratz to all placers

  2. jay says:

    well done to the koreans as usual, what we need to concentrate on is getting the usa to stop harping on about ssf4 and start playing tekken by the time ttt2 comes out no one will care about sfxt thats for sf players we seriously need to get tekken dominating in the us like it does in japan and korea

  3. Mundo says:

    Congrats to placers.

    Heard nothing but praise for Harry Potter since at least the DR days. Anyone know who he used in this tourney? Last I checked it was a Mishima I think.

  4. Tekkenlover says:

    any videos????

  5. personalit says:

    Yeah, where can we find the videos?

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