Guc11 Joins KYSG!

We are happy to inform you that the famous Hungarian Tekken combo video maker, Guc11, has joined the world-known team KYSG, godfathers of CMVs! Just in case you don’t know him, check his YouTube channel for some awesome Tekken videos!

6 Responses to Guc11 Joins KYSG!

  1. Undead_Nemesis says:

    Woah, congrats Guc11! All that glitch hunting has paid off.

  2. guc11 says:

    Thank you for puting this out Di_ : )

  3. […] 13 Dec Wow… :) SD Tekken is very nice with “this kid”… :D Di_ made a post about Guc joined KYSG on 11th December. ^^ You can read here! […]

  4. jay says:

    i am from the uk and tekken dominates in my town but i am worried for the usa thats where tekkens biggest downfall is because of sf, we as a community we need to get tekken on top of the usa

  5. MarkMan says:

    Congrats Guc11!

    Project KYSG :D

  6. zman says:

    What do you get paid?

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