New Nstargame Videos!

Our friend Maxi Milian has uploaded matches from the first Nstar Tekken Effect event that took place this month. Check the rest of the entry for the videos of Deja Vu, Deuk Ju, Dioxin, Gakxini, Malgu and a very special guest, LDBob!

8 Responses to New Nstargame Videos!

  1. Hejd00 says:

    Go go Mr.Bredäng!

  2. Schematic says:

    He punished a wipe the floor with a jet upper lol. You have to be good to do that.

  3. jay says:

    maxi thank you so much for your hardwork for our tekken community hopefully tekken will be the best all over the world

  4. aaaa23 says:

    what happened to sunchip, jdcr, rain and hankuma?

    • Maxi Milian says:

      Sun Chip is still there, he’ll be in the next videos comming up soon ;)

      Team specialist transfered to Najin, they’ll be invited for future episodes though.

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