KOBUSI DOJO and NBGI are live streaming their latest event, KOBUSI-Mania! The event is now going through qualifying rounds in Tokyo, Japan and has been streaming since 16:00 local time. Our good friend Harada-san is also in attendance! Click below and enjoy!



  1. Congrats to Tawaiichi (Ganryu) & Desperado (Roger Jr.) for winning the tournament!

    Second place goes to Zeugal (Steve) and Ao (Alisa) !

    Other top teams in attendance:

    Nobi (Dragunov) and Furizumu (Lei)

  2. I think I was too late or too early. What time was/is it in Eastern Standard Time? I read the headline, “Japan’s Dojo LIVE!” and I was like, WHAA? ;D

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