The NSTARGAME UTXII videos are finally up, thanks to kenj. Watch some great Tekken 6 battles between players from various continents! There are tons of matches waiting for you to download so don’t hesitate and check the rest of the entry for links.

10 Responses to NSTARGAME UTXII Videos

  1. L_Z_N says:

    feels like pre-youtube days… :D

    nevertheless thank you for uploading these..

    • David says:

      haha indeed

      but i almost miss those pre-youtube days..

      i would download some combo act for ttt and it would take hours, but it was always worth it

  2. extracheese says:

    Seen some of the these great matches on Youtube, but I wish they could have posted this sooner. :(
    Appreciate it nonetheless! :)

  3. jay says:

    koreans will always be the best on tekken yes^^ it always makes me happy to see my korean tekken brothers win its what i expect and what i want to see well done snchip and malgu.

  4. Cosmoslayer says:

    OMG! This will keep me busy. O_O

  5. Schematic says:

    The Koreans will always be the best only because of their competitive scene. I GUARANTEE if Fab GM Anikin JFJ Naps or numerous other guys had a ridiculous tekken scene like they do in Korea. They would body alot of the korean top players way more consistently. Especially Fab Anakin and GM. Fab gets most of his experience watching videos and in practice mode trying stuff out and practicing movement. Anakin and GM barely even play that much. The Koreans are good but they are only that way by default.

    • macshady23 says:

      pad players :) this guys can play all day bec. again.. their pad players lol

      expect for naps and hoa, that has some mad skills like koreans

  6. rick999 says:

    they are always gona be the best to many korean players that will wipe usa off usa is only good at sf not tekken

  7. extracheese says:

    Both J and K players owned the shit out of the entire competition. If you guys watch all the videos, you can tell they really are in a different league.
    Oh and the reason for the high lvl of K and J isn’t just because they are competitive with the arcade scene, but it’s also because they live in a country where they can get together much easier. Even if US has an arcade scene with more competitive tourneys, it’s still going to be difficult for the overall Tekken comm. in US to catch up with the K/J players.

  8. Tekkenlover says:

    thx di for posting this

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