Tokido Has A Message…

Our friend Tokido, top player for multiple fighting games (BlazBlue, Street Fighter, TEKKEN, etc.) opened his blog recently… Today’s post had an interesting message for the fighting game community. As many may already know, Daigo Umehara mentioned he is interested in playing Marvel VS. Capcom 3 competitively… Just today Tokido made the same claim and stated:

“… I will play MvsC3. Tell all American MvsC player We are serious!”

In addition to the bold claim, he also uploaded some footage of another top player, Kindevu and his Yun. Enjoy!

24 Responses to Tokido Has A Message…

  1. stranger says:

    anyone know why daigo doesn’t play tekken?

    • he only play games has more ppl played it he said that is interview but its weird that tekken have tournaments around the world and famous like street fighter anyway we just care now about MVC3!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111111111111111111

    • bynight says:

      Tekken is a very different animal and I’m guessing since it came about so late, compared to SFII anyway he decided to stick with that rather than jump to a 3D fighter

      • Blind Ghost says:

        Quit making excuses for him he’s a fucking Capcom Fanboy. there i said it you pussies.

        thats all he is and will always be, Dont get me wrong, hes good at playing broken games, but lets see him handle tekken.

        or KOF for that matter, Why the fuck doesnt anyone post about KOF man, seriously man, that game is gogin to be the shit.

        TEKKEN & KOF 4 life, street fighter is overrated and overhyped, that game is shit, kof will mop the floor with SF.

        and if you guys dont know, ui’ll tell you the same team that works on KOF is the same team who created SFII, yes , THAT ! STRET FIGHTER II. but they left CAPCOM because they had a fall out.

        a little piece of history noobs.

        SNK has

        GAROU , kof , samsho , last blade, WTF does Capcom has in terms of fighting ??

        Street Fighter and MVC, half the fucking roster ios from marvel, in CVS 2 the entire roster for Capcom had all SF characters and 1 Darkstalkers , SNK side had at least 4 Games from SNK fighting franchise.

        who tyhe fuck cares for 5 ryu clones 2 guile clones and the rest have been critisized for being ripped off from KOF

        You say elfuerte i say Ramon, you say C.VIPER i say mei ling and King.

        IF snk had an empire like CAPCOM the tables would be turned.

  2. rick999 says:

    you dumb ass play tekken

  3. pooboo says:

    Tokido is Tekken whore

  4. bynight says:

    We’ve been serious since MvC2 and were not hard to find, bring it.

  5. Zero says:

    MVC2=/=MVC3. USA will not dominate. Also what is this “WE” stuff. Last time I checked nobody entered MVC tournaments except the super hard core and now all the little scrubs are like “Yeah me too. Bring it “We’ll own you”. Only REAL MVC2 pros can say that shit.

    • bynight says:

      you sound a bit scared, it’s that self defeated attitude that will keep you at scrub status. No one said anything about dominating, it’s a friendly reply meaning were up the challenge. And in case you didn’t know there are quite a bit of high level MVC2 players here in the US that are going over to MVC3 and not all of them go to EVO. Sorry but your name fits your attitude, nut up and play.

      • Zero says:

        Scrub? Seriously? Where do you live? So how much you wanna money match for? You gonna be at Final Round? Put up or shut up kid. I’m not in the mood today to be called a scrub by someone not named Bronson Tran.

    • H1gh3rm4gnu5 says:

      Zero WTF are you talking about, there are plenty of MVC2 tournies going on, not as many since the release of SFIV but MVC2 was in the last 8 tournaments I went to, including the last EVO and no not only the super hardcore enter the tournies and a lot of the players may be quote “scrubs” but many of those scrub players can still wreck a considerable amount of havoc in the game, challenge some random player at CTF if you don’t believe me. I’ve been playing MVC2 since day one so I have the stripes to say the US will be force in MVC3 and Japan will have a very hard time dominating us in this game our past track record for former MVCs proves this. Personally I’m glad some Japanese players are interested in the game, will make the tournies more exciting and I’m not hating on Tokido, I’ve played the dude countless times in CVS2 when the started calling him RC_Tokido.

      • Zero says:

        Yeah and those Marvel tournaments had 20 some odd people in them. Straight up scrubs wont wreck Japanese in a game that is not much like it’s older iteration. Common sense dude. You are not better are the Japanese at Marvel be default because you are from America. STFU. You place Top 8 at any major in MVC2 you an say that. You’re a scrub, you can’t say shit.

    • bynight says:

      wow you love Japanese cock don’t you, yeah I’ll be there and I’ll fuck your shit up in any game and you know your not gonna fucking show up so stop talking hardcore, your a scrub kiddo and your game is all Pringles. Having a bad day take the tampon out and nut up.

    • H1gh3rm4gnu5 says:

      Wrong again I’m from Westminster and moved to NY for graduate school and it’s clear your a scrub, the Japanese don’t give a fuck about losers like you so come off it already man. If you’re ever in NY and want a beating come down to CTF or heaven forbid you foolishly end up in South Bank come to Namco Station so I personally shut you down in front of everyone and send you packing. Is Bronson Tran your daddy or something because it sounds like you wouldn’t mind him calling you a scrub, fuck entering tournies mate, save your cash and buy some panties.

    • bynight says:

      Reasons for my rationale

      (Why the US will be a force in MVC3, no I didn’t say dominate so read what I’m saying carefully).

      You stated to the other guy that quote “raight up scrubs wont wreck Japanese in a game that is not much like it’s older iteration. Common sense dude”. You’re right in the fact that yes MVC3 is a fair bit different from MVC2, it’s more like TVC and guess what, the US is doing pretty damn good in this game as well:

      Tatsunoko vs. Capcom — Top 8
      1. EG Marn
      2. KBeast
      3. EG Justin Wong
      4. Kurasa
      5. Psychochronic
      5. Royal Flush
      7. skisonic
      7. Keits


      You wanna talk about Bronson Tran, yeah he’s good and all but I’ve battled him many times back in the days of SVGL and what not in both MVC2 and TTT so when I say how the US will do in a game I know what the hell I’m talking about. So what’s up with Final Round, you’ve been mighty silent since you called me out for a money match?

      • MarkMan says:

        bynight, you should know. No Japanese entered TVC at EVO.

        And the TVC that Japan played was the original Japanese Wii version/arcade version, not UAS.

        Just pointing that out.

  6. Pooboo says:

    ROFL DAIGO said only 30 people will play MVC3 in Japan

    including TOKIDO

  7. johnevans says:

    bitch asses play tekken

  8. Eddierang says:

    Does that mean Arcade version of MVC3 will be coming soon?

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