2011, here we go! We talk INTERNATIONAL! But wait… what does it mean? It means that we are starting a new series of interviews. We are going to talk with top players and/or representatives of various Tekken communities. The first interviewed person is going to be SDTEKKEN’s home country player, Rip, who has been supporting the scene a lot! What has he done so far? What are his future plans? Does he prefer Dr Pepper to orange juice? We’ll ask him more questions but we also want you to submit questions to Rip! Please post them in the comments down below.


  1. Glenn says:

    Orange Juice > Dr. Pepper

    I’d like know how he liked commentating at the MLG events and whether he’d do more commentary on broadcasts or YT vids.


  2. arro says:

    Who’s your favorite Law player not from the West Coast? And I don’t mean just skill wise, I mean person-wise!

  3. 9thpixel says:

    If a future Tekken had a Milo Kinect mode in which you can talk to Marshall Law. What would you say to him (any particular advice on how to pay his debts, etc)?

    • 9thpixel says:

      Got another one. Since you lick your d-pad in the name of friction. Where should we arcade stick players be licking to level up our game?

  4. Xiaonanigans says:

    What changes would you like Namco to do to Law (if any), and the game system in general, in TTT2?

  5. johnevans says:

    i know the question is off topic but i would like honest opinions and experiences of all countrys all over the world the question is which country sells and makes the most porn movies and porn sites?

  6. rinoH says:

    What gave you the idea for LUYG?

  7. daveshawn says:

    do you worship goro in mortal kombat what im trying to say is why do hindus worship statues with 4 dicks and 4 arms?

  8. Whats your deal with not giving NYC any creedit at tournaments? Preferably Fighting GM. Maybey bc you lost to GM at a Wed Night Fights Tourney a while back? Thx.

  9. hi says:

    why did he switch to pad, and what made him do that?
    what moves did he find himself smoother with pad than stick?

  10. Forest says:

    What are your favourite things about Law?

  11. mack20 says:

    why are yo so crap on tekken?

  12. L_Z_N says:

    Before reaching 2nd at Evo 2010, you seemed not to have won any major tourneys in 2010(AFAIK). But you did very well afterwards.

    Why? What happened between Evo 2009 and Evo 2010? And what motivated you to consistently win after Evo 2010?

  13. johnny says:

    who is your favorite foreign player and why? and which character you would like to be an expert with besides law?

  14. Meeu says:

    Coming from someone who really don’t know you that much, I would like to ask what are your future plans as a competitive gamer and as a commentator (for levelupyourgame and others)? who would you choose as a 2nd character in TTT2?

  15. moonis says:

    Hi my name is Moonis, Im from India & I want to know how what is the future of tekken in other countries such as mine , because we dont get the opportunity to get into the international scene. And also who do you think is the current best player in Tekken Nin or Knee or any other? How much expectations do you have with Tekken Tag 2 and Tekken vs Street Fighter?

  16. Blind Ghost says:

    Im just gonna say This, Capcom… Stay the fuck away from fighters….your concept of Balancing is the same as my concept of taking a shit on another pile of Shit, its fucking pointless.

    instead of letting everyones ultras connect you take the ones that did link and made them not link, so instead of doing some tweaking and balancing so that everyones ultras connect evne if they were done while air born you basically when the other direction.

    you made it so that none of them connect if done while the opposing character is air born. ???

    ok im gonna go ahead and call it, you can quote me on this if you want, cause i know my shit, This version of SSFIV arcade edition is goign to be the least to sell any. none uis goging to get this shit, i wouldnt be surprised if people refuse to update their console just so they can avoid this update.

    this game is officialy not fun anymore, but what the fuck do i care its SF, KOF 4 life bitches.

  17. Blind Ghost says:

    Put this bitch in 720P to see how fucking gorgeous this game looks.

    Fuck SF man its over for them, after this arcade edition, i mean ya Shotos and grabbers are cheap i realize that, but what they did in Arcade edition.

    is going to bring them no sales.

    Goodbye SF Hello KOF

  18. Blind Ghost says:

    • VeNoM362 says:

      Yep, heard they made Vega and Guile even harder to win with, bloody lame man.

      VeNoM362 thinks its funny how Capcom is milking the shit of its fans. If SSF4AE is a whole new disc to buy then VeNoM362 says FUCK IT. Won’t pay for dlc either, no point they just keep screwing characters I like to play over.

      Third Strike is better,so I rather play that. What they need to do is have SSF4’s roster with SF3’s engine. They maybe I would play SF more than once or twice every 2 months.

      I’m just saying…

  19. tHeRIPGamble says:

    R.I.P. Which is your favourite law combo video?
    Do you wish that you could land DSS3+4 in a mid combo (say after ws+2, 4,3,4,dss+3+4)? it seems much harder in T6BR.

    Oh and another thing, forgive me of ignorance but are you indian? (you resemble a cousin of mine)

  20. Jango_PL says:

    What is the concept behind your name RIP? Did you let one rip? Or is it more subtle than that?


  21. Martino Heat says:

    Do you like any hard Rock/Heavy Metal/Hardcore/Metal-core related? If so, who are some of your favorite bands & why?

  22. ATL_Hoa says:


    What is the reason for your blowing into your d-pad before matches? I’ve seen you do it in casuals as well as in important tournament matches. I am very curious about this.


  23. K-Keo says:

    how did you get into tekken? when and why did you start getting serious with tekken, also how long did it take you to start beating top players? what was your first tournament experience like? were you nervous? were your hands sweaty? what is your philosophy on tekken (geting better, being consistant, basically what’s it take to be a top player?)

  24. tonycollinge says:

    what nationality is your bird? i seen her on your background wallpaper

  25. starplus says:

    do you have any favourite indian star plus dramas?

  26. mackadamian says:

    what does the red hindu spot mean that indians where on there forehead?

  27. tevez says:

    yeah your girlfriend on your twitter background wallpaper i just wanted to know what nationality is she?

  28. amritkhanna says:

    what do you think of the drama mann ke awaaz pratigya?

  29. KNDomino says:

    First, thanks for the iphone app! I don’t own an iphone, but if it ever comes out on the android, I’m getting it! :D

    Anyway, from the very little I’ve seen in your video showing it off, do you think you’ll add frame data to the core moves of each character? Or is that already there? Will you add on more stuff to it later on? And is there any plans for bringing it over to android? :)

  30. Super Joe says:

    Mr. R I P,

    What are your favorite Kung Fu movies, old school and new school?

  31. MarkMan says:

    I just deleted/banned a lot of IPs from participating in discussions on SDTEKKEN.

    If this continues I will disable comments and set them to approval status only.


  32. KMM says:

    I’d go for the standard questions…
    Why did you chose Law as your main char?
    When did you start playing Tekken seriously?
    How long do you play a month (avg)?
    What do you think is the most important factor to improve (comp., pmode,…)?

  33. AkumaHellsing says:

    Rip you’re not playing Marshall Law good change your main your Dragunov is better or Bruce but not Law.

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