Avoiding The Puddle Episode #13

Aris has already recorded the 13th episode of his podcast! This time Avoiding the Puddle features an interview with an oldschool Tekken 4 Nina player, Tomhilfiger! Moreover, Aris and MYK talk about the Christmas bonuses from Namco – the new TTT2 trailer and the new Soul Calibur project announcement.

17 Responses to Avoiding The Puddle Episode #13

  1. jack smith says:

    tomhilfiger is a fucking liar! he did not beat honda in casuals in fact, he didn’t even join the 32 man tournament before wcg at the japanese’s room and the big team tournament after wcg. you can tell he’s lying cus he said he beat honda 4-2 “pretty easy”. if he was pretty easy then he would’ve beat him 6-0.

    • odin642 says:

      yeah i can tell he’s lying too because he remember honda winning 1st place in wcg japan, he remember beating him pretty easy 4 to 2, he remember beating honda’s lili with jack 6, but he can’t remember his NAME! lol

  2. tekken rules says:

    i don’t remember seeing tomhilfiger in the jap’s room and i played there for 2 days. i feel like he’s trying to convince people into thinking that tekken 6 is easier for him so people would think he’ll still dominate it and beat all the top players. i’m not buying it! t6 isn’t broken like t4 and ttt1. it’s easier to win in broken games!

  3. kaz84 says:

    tomhilfiger doesn’t know shit about tekken 6! if tekken 6 is very easy, then 200 won, leedy, maddogjin, bronson tran, etc. would still be dominating! but they can’t even place top 8 anymore.

  4. jung says:

    tomhilfiger is overrated! Knee, maddogjin, and leedy were the best in t4. even maxi millan said Knee was the best.

  5. karl1986 says:

    i disagree with tomhilfiger, tekken 6 is harder than t3 and ttt1 because the walls and bound makes juggles harder to complete, that’s why sometimes we see top players don’t get to use the bound and mess up wall combos due to miscalculation. juggles in tt1 and past tekkens were so much easier and did more damage even without walls.

    i also believe that it’s harder for BOTH players to win in a balance game because you can’t spam moves and most are punishable on block, etc. in past tekkens you can spam ewgf all day since it’s special mid, and the ogres had unblockable okies and had the powerful WR 333 move that’s why one of the players had easier time winning. but now mishimas have been nerfed it’s harder to win. and t6 is more unpredictable due to bigger move list, universal low parry, crush system, homing moves, etc.

    i’m sure that if jang iksu and qudans come back to play t6 they wouldn’t be as dominant as before and they would have a harder time winning because the mishimas are more balance now, etc…

    • cleanrich says:

      no mishimas are not balanced-they are nerfed-they just need to give mishimas more tools/moves that have more uses but still retain the weak ewgf/hellsweep game>

  6. 3x3cution3r says:

    this tomhilfiger guy is one cocky retired bastard if he thinks would still be top 2 in the world! let tell you something you old geezer! t6 aint broken like t4 and there are a lot of new good players that will whip the floor with you. you fucking think you’re better than honda and you could’ve been the best jack 6 player in japan just cuz you beat him in casuals? HAHAHA you’re fucking DELUSIONAL!

    shut the fuck up stay retired you cocky mofo!

  7. the fury says:

    this guy apparently doesn’t know what he’s talking about. if tekken 6 is random then how come all the top 8 placers in big tournies are veterans. aris shouldn’t have interviewed this retired cocky guy and should’ve interviewed an active player instead. please aris no more retired delusionals who don’t know shit about t6. or could you atleast don’t ask for their opinions cus most retired broken tekken champions are really delusional. they think they can beat current top players in a balanced game and it makes some people cringe!

  8. zell7732 says:


    It’s easier to win with broken jin and kazuya in TTT than balanced jin and kazuya in T6BR! the deeper and balanced a game is, the harder it is to master! STUPID FAGGOT!

  9. zell7734 says:

    Anyone who thinks Jang Iksu would have easier time winning with T6BR’s balanced jin and kazuya than with TTT’s broken jin and kazuya ARE FUCKING RETARDS like tomhilfiger!

  10. NYtekken says:

    Goddamn yall poeple is ripping him to shreds!!! Holy shit its as if you guys lived with the guy, you guys even know he lying and evrything.
    Although i agree with “The Fury” im not really liking the interviews about those old champions. Get some more recent players I was a bit happy cuz he was a nina player and i also main nina but the guy didnt say anything interresting at least IMO. I didnt play tekken 4 so i cant say anything like those experts on top, therefore i dont know how broken it really is.

    Lol good podcast i guess, good worry tom ill keep rooting for ya just cause you a nina player

  11. zell7732 says:


    damn this guy is dumb… you can’t abuse low pokes in tekken 6 you’ll get low parried and juggled! and you can’t abuse mid launchers because most of them are punishable on block, the safe mid launchers lack range and tracking and can be backdashed or sidestepped easily. no mid launcher is abuseable or overpowered in T6br. DUMBASS!!!!!

  12. zell7732 says:

    another thing you retard, the crush system makes players scared to abuse low pokes. and the movement is alright, they just added more tracking and homing moves so people won’t abuse sidestep. but we still see top players like Knee successfully sidestep jetupper his opponents, it just takes more skills to successfully sidestep a move in T6BR. YOU RETARDED COCKY SON OF A BITCH OF A MORON! YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT ABOUT TEKKEN 6!

    • mj23 says:

      I completely agree with you dude. you know your shit.

      Listening to tomhilfiger talk about tekken 6 is like listening to those retarded commentators at wcg. they don’t know shit. lmao

  13. ironfist2011 says:

    lol Tomhilgayfiger is such a fag, he’s desperate for respect and attention. Talk is cheap!

  14. Reaper says:

    I would say the main thing wrong with soul calibur is the movement, make the movement more like tekken and it would be a much better game.

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