The Top 10 American Tekken Players Of 2010 made a list of the top 10 American Tekken 6 players of 2010, based on tournament results. Who does the list feature? Check it HERE.

Who were your favorite/best players of 2010?


17 thoughts on “The Top 10 American Tekken Players Of 2010

    1. Lmao I won the most majors so far, just didn’t win Mlg cause I lost to the Koreans most of them, but I did beat 3 of them before it ended :p

      1. oh thats just my lack of knowledge on your tournament history then i guess, my b. Hope to see you win an MLG in the future man GL

  1. Lol WCG wasn’t considered a major even though knee got $7,000 USD for winning it… oh wait, there weren’t any americans in the top 8

  2. I agree that Fab is #1. A player’s tournament activity is proof that he is dedicated to proving that he is the best, even more so if he is consistently placing at or near the top. It should be a big criterion when judging who is the year’s best.

  3. Lol its just randoms talking non sense I don’t even know why anyone is responding to them. Racist jokes are so lame Halo on xbox live made those jokes kind of old by now.

  4. I just deleted/banned a lot of IPs from participating in discussions on SDTEKKEN.

    If this continues I will disable comments and set them to approval status only.

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