GODSGARDEN 3 is NOW LIVE! Check it out on the official USTREAM channel NOW! Enjoy!


11 thoughts on “GODSGARDEN 3 IS LIVE! WATCH NOW!

  1. Holy crap! Thay even have women playing… agianst guys!! And doing really well..! Man, gotta love japanese culture..!

  2. ignore the idiot above me.

    wow.so many crazy matches. personally love that match with Nobi and that Julia (whose the player?), and Chocoyan vs Tribal

  3. Anyone have the names of the four players who qualified? I think one of them had to have been in the mirror finals, as everyone else invited played different characters.

    1. If I recall correctly:

      Hepoken (not too sure about this name) (Marduk)
      Yuki (Julia)
      Chocoyan (Bob)
      Pekosu (Bob)

      Not just one, but both of the Bobs went on to the finals.

      I was sad that Nobi went out relatively early, I kinda lost interest in watching after that… Top tier characters pretty much dominated the tourney except for a few exceptions like Nobi’s first match with Yuki, Yuu’s Feng against Fukusu, and Furumizu reaching top 4 (i think).

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