GODSGARDEN 3 is NOW LIVE! Check it out on the official USTREAM channel NOW! Enjoy!


  1. DrBhup666 says:

    Wow! Great sessions! Why are some of the players wearing masks???

  2. DrBhup666 says:

    Holy crap! Thay even have women playing… agianst guys!! And doing really well..! Man, gotta love japanese culture..!

  3. Kris says:

    Wish American Tekken scene was big like in Japan…

  4. Shorya says:

    deku is SICK!!

  5. Meeu says:

    ignore the idiot above me.

    wow.so many crazy matches. personally love that match with Nobi and that Julia (whose the player?), and Chocoyan vs Tribal

  6. Mundo says:

    Anyone have the names of the four players who qualified? I think one of them had to have been in the mirror finals, as everyone else invited played different characters.

    • Lurker says:

      If I recall correctly:

      Hepoken (not too sure about this name) (Marduk)
      Yuki (Julia)
      Chocoyan (Bob)
      Pekosu (Bob)

      Not just one, but both of the Bobs went on to the finals.

      I was sad that Nobi went out relatively early, I kinda lost interest in watching after that… Top tier characters pretty much dominated the tourney except for a few exceptions like Nobi’s first match with Yuki, Yuu’s Feng against Fukusu, and Furumizu reaching top 4 (i think).

  7. sn0wb00ts says:

    If you were jpn pro tekken players it would leave you ashamed and your family disgraced

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