Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu Combo Video by KYSG 538!

The founding member of KYSG “538” has released a phenomenal Yoshimitsu combo video for your viewing pleasure! With a lot of madness and extreme talent, this is one not to miss. Click above to view the video and click below to read the review!

EDIT: Unfortunatly the video has some copyright issues to play on SDT, click on the “YouTube” button on the video displayed to view this on YouTube.

“Sithlord” of Team A.C.E. has pointed out some inaccuracies with certain facts, so a big thanks to him.

As the first Tekken 6 BR combo video feature, 538 is a member of the famous KYSG team (Many viewers active with Tekken 6 would have heard of Deep Theater, another member of KYSG) and sets a new benchmark for Yoshi combo video, with JUST A PSP!

Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu comb video by KYSG 538 review:


  • The intro segments were professional with references to other combo makers Yoshi videos and References/shout-outs to various popular combo makers, showing his knowledge of the various talent currently existing.
  • Thoughout each combo 538 made great uses of all of Yoshimitsu’s stances, especially NSS (No Sword Stance = 2+3)
  • Combo at 0:33 was an entertaining 11 hit non W! combo, clever use of a SSL (Side Step Left) after B!.
  • 0:41 showed off the usage of the Yoshi “Flash” move (1+4) after a 2 jab into a 10 hit combo, with a cool combo ender which is f,f+3+4 B! 1+2,3+4.
  • The ground roll at 1:06 (grounded, B+3+4) into guarding opp allows a jab lauch which is very unique.
  • BT MED (meditation = 3+4) 3, BTc (Back Turned cancel) into multiple 1 jabs into B! with the crumble effect with the opp was just pure brilliance, looks a lot like old school Tekken combos.
  • Combo at 1:24 has perhaps the best B! ender of all time in Tekken 6, B! U/F,N+4. The first time ever done on a selectable opp I believe (The Main Man did B! U/F,N+4 on Azazel in his Kazuya Act 11).
  • The various cutaway segments described in “Phases” gave the video a sort of unique take on how to display the various combos used (i.e. Non W!, W! ETC.) in the video.
  • Combo at 1:49 must had the most amount of UB! hits I have ever seen.
  • CH WS+(1),(1),1,1, Flash into a combo near a W! was pretty good stuff, especially B! 1, u/f+3, Flash as a 70% W! hit, very quick for it to hit.
  • Some mad uses of Kuma on the W!, his big ol’ head can make wonders in a combo.
  • The combos on Azazel were pretty tight, making full use of Azazel’s gigantic feet for a ton of extra hits.
  • A lot of unique W! enders used such as UB! and flashy moves (i.e. QCF+1).
  • There was some great angled W! moments taking advantage of Yoshi’s b+1 and d/b+3, extremely flashy.
  • 5:09 demonstrated some serious W! madness with high W! 3~4~u DGF (Dragonfly = u+1+2) DGF+1, DGF+4 70% hit.
  • The last combo at 5:15 has to be the highlight of the video with the use of the CH f,f+2 70% W! hit but with Marduk as the opp, allowing BT (Back Turned) d+1 to hit in a combo.
  • The Music used was great, the tone of the music fits Yoshimitsu perfectly with the music adapting to the combo as soon as you see it.
  • The video editing was done well, very tidy and well presented.


  • Although the recorded combos were on a PSP, the overall video quality was poor to view. the footage was grainy with the video width being nearly half the size of the screen. It was still viewable and shouldn’t distract the viewer from the awesome combos.
  • Position Reset wasn’t on for the whole majority of the video but was for a good few clips, another minor distraction.
  • The fake combos for me weren’t necessary in the combo video, for viewers it could demonstrate certain glitches in the combo system and for others it could be seen as drag away from the legit combos.

With the most MINOR of faults the KYSG master demonstrated the prowess of the legendary title, creating another masterpiece for everyone to witness. Be sure to like, favour and subscribe to this combo superstar for any future KYSG awesomeness, great job!


5 Responses to Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu Combo Video by KYSG 538!

  1. coilover2005 says:

    Great video! Another notch in the belt for KYSG! 1:49 was def. the shit! If I could only pull that off in a match… Good shit guys!!

  2. John Doe says:

    he video doen’t work..?! At least not here in Norway..

    • tmd02 says:

      Thanks for informing man, it must be an issue with the music using flash adverts or something, a link was added to the article to view on youtube.

  3. Ken says:

    This looks like the PSP version to me, i wonder why they used that over ps3/xbox

  4. sn0wb00ts says:

    its always impresses me to see a good combo vid from the psp version….I tried playing on a psp once, it was a trainwreck

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