Tekken Tag Tournament 2 News From Famitsu

According to Versus City, the latest issue of Famitsu magazine covers new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stuff. Apart from the portraits of Kazuya, Bob, Xiayou and Zafina it gives new hints on the gameplay.

Item moves are back and this time there are going to be more variations for each item. Rage mode is back as well, however, the formula has been changed – this time your tag partner character will be able to get in the rage mode, however, the requirements that ought to be met will depend on the character, meaning that this will be probably one of the factors people will consider while developing tier lists. Last but not least, new wall options will be possible. What do you think about breaking a wall and making your partner character continue performing a combo? Sounds cool and guest what – it will be possible!

Given the information above we hope that scans from Famitsu will be posted very soon!


19 thoughts on “Tekken Tag Tournament 2 News From Famitsu

  1. Finally, an update on what possibly maybe the best fighting game yet. I just hope this will be out on Sony’s NGP, PSP2 or whatever.

  2. Looking forward to AOU just to see if anymore “new” characters are announced. I’d dubious they will announce more there but we might see how many selection spaces will be in the game giving us further to mull over who the XXX characters will be.

  3. wow i had that idea of continuing a tag combo with wall break it might be possible^^ anyways the racism you get on sd tekken is not on i feel upset and heartbeoken i am a muslim and maybe people dont like me because of what i am i feel hurt:(

  4. Dont tell anyone markman, but i got a tip from a NAMCO BANDAI insider that.

    Female characters are goign to have a secret Rage mode only available for Females called ” Rag Mode ”

    when they get down to about 20% health they start to bleed all over the place. and the only way to stop it is if you equip a item called ” Always with Wings ” ;P

  5. i hope they listened to some of the communities “more reasonable” wishlists for all characters, esp. kazuya. nerfed down sooooo much for t6br!!

  6. well blind ghost if that is true then they really are going all out on this game which is awesome cause now we get to see real blood but really what they should focus on is more moves i mean kazuya is the man but he basically only has five moves and an actual rage they should put on is called psycho and what happens is when your character hits the twenty percent mark then they get ampd up so basically just goes psycho cause in real life that’s what happens when you know your about to die.

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