SDTEKKEN Talks German

While working on our previous interviews we would like you to ask another international guest! This time it’s Sabre Dabre, regarded as the best Nina player in Europe. What question would you like to ask the German representative from the last year’s Tekken 6 World Cyber Games finals?

10 Responses to SDTEKKEN Talks German

  1. Furb says:

    Hi. Why did you come up with this wierd rule on damagermany? ;D. Everybody knows what I mean.

  2. M0B says:


    what do you think about Reflex (one of the best german players)?

  3. MarkMan says:

    Hi Sabri,

    Always great to see you/hear from you. If you had time to learn/travel and play TEKKEN without any restrictions, where would you go and what would you participate in?

  4. Limet Rock says:

    What do you think about the Europe Tekken Community compared to USA?
    What do you think about the German Community compared to the rest of europe?
    Do you have contact with other German-Speaking Parts like switzerland and austria?

  5. Doryaa says:

    Who are your favorite players?

    Can you make a personal top 10 of the best European players?

    With Tekken DR Asuka was your main character, why did you switch to Nina?

  6. onk says:

    Whats the meaning of “Kacknub”?

  7. KO says:

    Are you going to invite Pekosu?

  8. Hey Sabri –

    Good shit on Damage, less than a month now.

    Are things all running according to plan atm in the prep for Damage?

    I note SSF and MvC3 are making appearances – will there be enough time to fit all that action into one weekend?

    Please give away the secret on which Japanese Player will be present at Damage! lol

    Thanks for working so hard on getting Damage to feel like a major international event – big ups Germany.

  9. ARESone says:

    Who do you think are the best 5 characters in Tekken 6?

    Which players are the Top 10 in Germany?

    What do you think are Nina’s advantages and disadvantages?

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