Harada-san just tweeted the new trailer for TTT2! Live from AOU! Check it out! What do you think?



    1. i thought it was unknown at first but aris said on his website that it’s jun which is great, its about damn time jun returns to tekken scene, i am sure for many people, she will be a perfect character to use

  1. Epic trailer. Tekken Taggu Tounamento Tsu!
    New customize, new characters, new stages (in video, we’ve seen them in pictures), new arcade stuff if you can understand it, some humor… what more can you ask in a trailer? :)

    1. dont under estimate those tekken nerds cuz you dont have the skills to defeat them. by insulting those so-called tekken nerds, it looks like youre a noob player :))

      1. but still, they chose that career, respect their decision to be tekken players for life. im not saying its cool to be a tekken player who throws hours playing it. just trying to say respect these people even though you dont see tekken stuff important -_-

  2. Cool seeing True Ogre and Jun …….. Nice surprise !!! Honestly wasn’t expecting Jun to return.

    I’m a bit sad no Kunimitsu (thus far) and no “regular” Julia (as yet) but it is likely characters will be added for the console release so hope this yet.

    I swear I saw Moonlight Wilderness in the trailer (but from within the castle you see in the background). The amount of stages in this look very impressive !!!!

    Don’t know of ANY arcades in England that are likely to get this so i’ll have to patiently wait for the console release. D’oh

  3. Jaycee is Julia- the only question being if she actually has all/most of Julia’s moves PLUS new lucha libre/wrestling moves. If this is so, perhaps ‘regular’ Julia is Jaycee’s alternate outfit, though for TTT2 it’s Jaycee who is the spotlighted persona and storyline being followed. I don’t think Michelle is coming in. Hoping Jaycee and Julia are like Chreddy- sharing move sets but having separate intros/winposes.

  4. Anyway the game looks gorgeous. Characters look different from Tekken 6, some more than others- Lili is more girly and has thicker hair. Xiaoyu is VERY different, like she had a total face change (check out screens). Asuka’s mostly unchanged. Anna seems very different. All good though…

  5. Here’s hoping that it’ll be released at a London Arcade.

    Then all I need to do is raise some money so that I can go to London…

  6. EPIC TRAILER! Fuck that marvel 3 bullshit. Game is too overated. TAg 2 will shut everything down! I came instantly when I saw Ogre!!!!!!

  7. Yeah! bring back kuni cause she was “SO” GOOD, hint hint. Nobody gave a shit about her in TTT. Now that she’s gone, everybody wants her back. Even noobs that haven’t played her at all jumps on the train and says, yeah bring her back. See was so good a saw some videos. You all relize that she should be completely changes or she’ll just be yoshi. and once she’s changes she’ll stop being kuni? Same goes for Jun, you have aska u idiots!

    1. Kuni had tools that were useful in tag and people just have favorites. No one cares if they have new move sets because that is obviously going to happen. Look at Armor Kings progression and how different he plays from King now. Everyone wants the entire Tekken cast back for nostalgia and variety. Don’t be a hater, most Kuni players know she wasn’t top tier…shit look at Yoshi now. He is bottom tier in T6 and still has a very loyal user base. I personally would love to see ogre, not just true ogre, jun, kuni, combot, alex, and unknown as either standalone or pallette swap players. Shit I would even be happy to see dr. B and Gon in minigames but not the regular game. Bring back violet and all the other pallette swaps too…why not right? It is a fantasy match :)

  8. So that’s just great – 95% of NA won’t get to play this game until there’s a console release. T6, anyone?

    Well, lucky you if you happen to be one of the fortunate people who live near one of the few remaining prospering arcades in the US.

  9. Who knows? Maybe the time release character system will be back and all of the other characters people are mentioning will return.

    However, that would be a massive job for Namco. Revamping characters that haven’t been in the series for over a decade. While still tweaking movesets of characters from Tekken 6. I mean, just making the new tag system work and creating team specific throws and whatnot was a pretty big job.

    Props to Namco for keeping that roster as huge as it already is. Oh and they still managed to keep in the customization system while giving the game a graphical facelift. I’m with you all for hoping for more, but this is already pretty damn good.

  10. Just let VeNoM362 know when he can play it on the PS3.

    I like Jun’s new look, she looks kinda dark (not so bright and happy I mean).

    And where in the blue hell are you people seeing cheap ass Orge?

    I’m just asking…

  11. Daaaaaaammmmnnnn that shit looks great but it does suck for the U.S. not so many arcades and I am sure this will not hit console for at least 2years but when it does please give an option to rank up in a player match so I can enjoy the game with my DAWGS cause rank match online is a joke and I dont think it can get any better with the tag system for online play so player match with rank option with friends and ghost matches would be dope so I get that TEKKEN GOD.

  12. can someone explain to me how the new card system works? looks interesting. . . plus the installment of a live monitor (?) and a team ranking system (?). . . Namco’s really pulling all the stops on this one.

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