KYSG’s DeepTheater – Hands On With TEKKEN TAG 2!

KYSG’s DeepTheater gets some time in with TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 at AOU 2011! Check out the montage of action put together from his point of view. Lots of action showing good use of TAG ASSAULT combos! Enjoy!


16 thoughts on “KYSG’s DeepTheater – Hands On With TEKKEN TAG 2!

  1. hm i somehow dont like it that ur chars are “glowing” when u do a tag combo and not sure about the slow motion… but the rest of the game is really cool im excited about the final version

    1. Looks like the character “glowing” is the one you currently have control over. You’ll proably be able to turn it off if you want in the console version.

      I’m just saying…

      1. if you look at 00:9 and 1:21 you see that nina and hwoarang use exact juggle launcher with same animation and there is a video thats shows kazuya use the exact same juggle launcher as these two, i am guessing every character in this game has this particular move, which is cool

  2. at 0:09 Hwoarang does that B! move, i saw Bryan do that same move in some other vid and no it wasn’t his b1. maybe its some universal move every char has now. hope not.

    1. Why wouldn’t you be able to. It’d be pretty shitty if it were 2p only. I’m more concerned about how online play would work.

  3. Didn’t really keep up with TTT2 so I’m a bit curious as to how one inputs button commands for B! tag combos. There seems to be an awful lot of commands used in conjunction between two characters.

    Can anyone explain? TY

  4. Is it just me who hates how tag is implemented after bounce? (drop from sky like P-jack, then magic charge). I really dont like it. I really Hhpe they change it back to how it was like in the last trailer (bounce, tag partner runs to finish combo).

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