TTT2 Gameplay Analysis By Rip

Rip has posted his analysis of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 AOU videos. What did he manage to notice? Check it right here!


6 thoughts on “TTT2 Gameplay Analysis By Rip

  1. 10 vids and thats all they had to report??? I noticed more things in the three hours i spent repeatedly watching those vids. ^_^

  2. they took out Julia. I just saw the character select screen. currently 42 characters and 2 empty spots (probably for Jun and Ogre). out of these 42 there are Jinpachi, JC, and separate Panda added. 39 from T6 and 3 additional character. that leaves one deleted character from T6 which has 40 characters.

  3. i think (and i hope) the characters arent finalized yet. so is the char select screen. im sure namco still has things to reveal and didnt come all out with the latest trailer.

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