TTT2 Gameplay Analysis By Rip

Rip has posted his analysis of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 AOU videos. What did he manage to notice? Check it right here!

6 Responses to TTT2 Gameplay Analysis By Rip

  1. Forest says:

    I am excited for TTT2, but why can’t people just wait for it to come out?

  2. sn0wb00ts says:

    10 vids and thats all they had to report??? I noticed more things in the three hours i spent repeatedly watching those vids. ^_^

  3. farhan says:

    rage blows
    bound sux

  4. LoveSerenade says:

    they took out Julia. I just saw the character select screen. currently 42 characters and 2 empty spots (probably for Jun and Ogre). out of these 42 there are Jinpachi, JC, and separate Panda added. 39 from T6 and 3 additional character. that leaves one deleted character from T6 which has 40 characters.

  5. lockon says:

    i think (and i hope) the characters arent finalized yet. so is the char select screen. im sure namco still has things to reveal and didnt come all out with the latest trailer.

  6. farhan says:

    fuck you namco you fucking fuckers
    fucking rage should get the fuck out of there.

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