Level Up Your… Mahvel?

That’s right! Rip, Mike Ross and Clockw0rk are bringing us a very special episode of Level Up Your Game, covering Marvel vs. Capcom 3 basics. The show will keep on covering Tekken 6 so don’t worry! Yet, if you want to see more MvC3 episodes, let them know about this.

10 Responses to Level Up Your… Mahvel?

  1. MarkMan says:

    Great job LEVELUPYOURGAME crew, Rip, Mike, and Daniel!

  2. Forest says:

    The push block glitch on the beam from Dr. Doom was and the the Hulk crossup from a dash were unintended I bet. Assist Pro: crossup diversion, and unblockables, and making moves safe is cool. Assist Con: taking 60% more damage and anti air assists having no invincibility. Combos look easy compared to Tekken. Jump in, do a few ground hits, launch to air combo M, M, H, Special, Super. Team Airial Combos add depth. Looks like bound. Cancelling anything into X-Factor and the combos from X-Factor look like a game changer.

    • Blind Ghost says:

      #1. Fuck you !!
      #2. that game is still fucking broken. they still have that little fucking click from MVC2 that will own anyone new.

      SENTINEL, AKUMA, WOLVERINE, DR.DOOM, Chun-li ,and so forth and so forth, dont fucking come in here trying to bullshit us.

      we play tekken, that is the very definituion of balance in a fighting games.

      capcom..doesnt knwo the meaning of the word, the fighting game division at capcom is shit !

      because their characters are always unblaanced, give Dante everything, dont give wesker shit !!! theres one example.

      I had MVC3 for 2 days that was enough for me to craig list that bitch.

      • Paulplaya says:

        Seriously? You think tekken is the definition of balance in a fighting game? You are sorely mistaken. Very few fighting games compare to Virtua Fighter when it comes to balance.

        To be honest, I would say that Namco is not that great at balancing Tekken.

  3. shotomaster says:

    ROFL already broken

    I wonder why Japan and Korea don’t care about Marvel…


  4. Blind Ghost says:

    First of all

    ROLF thank you for proving my point ShotoMaster

    and second my response to Paulplaya

    Dude who said i hate VF, im an OG fool, i know who got tekken on its Feet and thats VF.

    im an Avid VF player Goh Hinogami and im still waiting for a console release to VF5 final shodown i know they announced Version A at the AOU show recently.

    yes VF is theo ther Balanced Fighter, but you cant deny that tekken is alos a balanced fighter, how else can anyone Win lat years MLG with fu8cking JACK 6 !!!!

    nobody even looked at Jack-6 before MLG 2010 after anakin took out Koreans and took home the prize everyone and thier mom is Dick riding Jack 6.

    i cant say that for any other game but VF, TEKKEN , And maybe just MAYBE if they make a good Soul calibur i might included that as far as 2d game balance the only game that comes to mind is KOF

    CAPCOM…Take a Hint Get out of the Fighting game Buisness stick to DMC and RE series, cause your fighters Suck.

  5. AL KiNG zero says:

    Chun-Li has a triple jump..not double. Can’t forget it

  6. if you dont like mvc3 or any capcom fighting game ,simple dont post any useless comment and watch your bad language tekken fanboy (i love both fighting games tekken ,sf and mvc)

    its good LUYG make tutorial for mvc3 which is good step :)

    keep up and ignore haters opinion

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