TTT2: Harada-san Tweets True Ogre And Jun Images!

The big boss himself, Harada-san, has been tweeting up a storm as of late! Over the weekend he revealed the “Devil Mode” transformation for Kazuya and now he has shown some new images of Jun Kazama and True Ogre! Check the link out below!


37 Responses to TTT2: Harada-san Tweets True Ogre And Jun Images!

  1. DropItToTheFloor says:

    It’s so awesome. I kinda don’t like Jun’s new outfit but True Ogre’s face is just awesome ;D

    • Schematic says:

      What you like her old outfit where she looks simple as fuck. I can’t believe they brought her back its so redundant having her and asuka in the same game. It should just have been a pallete swap.

      • JohnBob says:

        Really? Even though they might have completely changed her moveset, and even if they hadn’t Asuka has evolved to where they would play differently?
        So having Jun back is redundant because Asuka is in the game, but having half the characters be Mishimas in the game isn’t?
        People need to stop QQing about crap that doesn’t affect them in any way whatsoever, and just appreciate the fact that the game is being made, and that it WILL be good.

      • Shorya says:

        Eddy and Christie has similar moves
        but as a character and gameplay they’re quite different

        if they can be in the same game, why can’t Jun and Asuka?

      • Nick says:

        Jun will probably play differently than Asuka. Enough to justify her coming back as a separate character, anyways.

        But JohnBob: NONE of the Mishimas are redundant. You can’t take a Kazuya expert and switch him to Jin and expect the same level of technique at all. You made a pretty glaring mistake saying that. As far as moveset is concerned, the reasons why we haven’t seen Jun in Tekken since 2 is because of the presence of Asuka. Everyone knows that.

      • JohnBob says:

        Nick: I’m very much aware that although the Mishimas might at first glance look similar, they play differently. I was exaggerating to make my point clearer; with characters that over the years have been very similar to each other, but have evolved separately over time. I could also have used the Williams, or the Kings as an example, but I decided to go with the more “central” characters.

        I don’t agree with your other statement though, “the reasons why we haven’t seen Jun in Tekken since 2 is because of the presence of Asuka”. Because that implies that:
        1) Asuka was in Tekken 3, and Tekken 4.
        2) That two characters can’t have the same movelist, yet you have Eddie/Christie, and Kuma/Panda. Granted, they are “minor” characters, but Jun could have always been brought back as a palette swap. So just don’t make generalizations like “Everyone knows that.”, because it might not be as obvious as you think.

      • Nick says:

        JohnBob: You’re splitting hairs here. Obviously neither Asuka nor Jun were in T3 or T4 and I didn’t say that.

        As for Jun playing differently from Asuka, I’ll decline to argue with you about whether or not she’ll be a swap or a clone or differentiated. Only the developers will answer that and my belief, based on Harada’s reluctance to bring Jun back earlier, is that she will probably play differently. If you have a different opinion I would like to hear what your thoughts are though.

        As for Eddy/Christie and Kuma/Panda, I disagree with Eddy and Christie being separate characters, agree that Kuma and Panda share a character slot, and furthermore believe that if Asuka and Jun are clones, then they also should share a single slot.

  2. DrBhup says:


    Wasn’t around the first time so I’ve never played True Ogre or Jun before, but I’m feeling the hype!!

  3. TreIII says:

    It all looks so very, very awesome. Then I remember that most of us without an acesss to a JP arcade won’t stand to play this until…say 2013 or thereabouts? 8D

  4. lolque says:

    no if ttt2 wont get any update like t6 and br we will play it about summer 2012 or winter but not l8ter

    • DropItToTheFloor says:

      Omg it’s such a long time ago I played TTT for the first. Excited to have Jun+Ogre back and also Jinpachi to me playable for the 1st tiiiime

  5. Picobello says:

    I want to sleep with Jun!!!

    She looks so hot!

  6. deebo says:

    jun kazama looks great, I don’t know how anyone could complain.

    • Daniel says:

      This is exactly what I was coming in to say. Jun looks awesome. I’m glad that we have a mature looking female fighter who is over 30 years of age.

      • Nando says:

        Well….technically Anna/ Nina/ Michelle/ Kunimitsu/ Jun should all be in their forties, but Anna/Nina were preserved by Namco to keep their looks up and not lose fans (LOL deep sleep), Michi got replaced, Kuni wasn’t important enough as a rival since Bryan is his muse, and Jun is dead.


    Her new stance is interesting, it’s like Asuka’s and lili’s combined.

  8. shika1983 says:

    Like Jun’s design but True Ogre looks the nuts !!! Looks like his right arm is made up of more than one snake this time around !!!

  9. Tekkenlover says:

    HARADA you are killing us, enough with teaser trailer of ogre and jun just show some gameplay already

  10. chit chat says:


  11. VeNoM362 says:

    Not a fan of True Orge but VeNoM362 is feeling his updated character design. So is Orge’s fist form going be in the game aswell. He should transform like Kazyua. Speaking of Kazyua thats just a test version of devil right. I hope so, cause Kazyua looks kinda goofy with just the wings.

    Lets see Devil rock’n the Kaz pants. Devil Jin wears pants, why not Devil?

    I’m just saying…

    • Yeah... says:

      OMG True Orge is hideous, but glad they brought him and JUN back. I can’t wait to kick his ass again whenever it comes here in the states

  12. TTT2 says:

    Namco is trying to please all the fans. It’s a good thing a and a bad thing. Bad thing is, it could turn out to be a noob friendly game where everyone can play. Simple and easy. Good thing as the rest of the game!

  13. L_Z_N says:

    Here is Harada-san’s response to those who still complain about Jun, even after she has returned.

    Harada’s status

    credits: lionhart from TZ

  14. Spitfire says:

    why cant yall just respect the fact that the game is still in a preliminary state? u got Harada on twitter pleading for dumbasses 2 stop spamming “can u bring back xyz” and “can u change this/not change this?” shit is annoying….and makes the developmental process more dreadful of them becoz they constantly have to stupid shit stuck on their mind about what they think fans might want versus what top players expect for a tournament viable fighter….this aint a fucking dress up barbie doll with babyphat, gucci, prada, timberland, and every other name brand clothing company on deck 2 dress the hoe as u c fit….let Harada do his thing and quit fuckin harassing him…

  15. Picobello says:


  16. B-BOY JIN says:

    This is going to be epic. I can’t help but wait! More updates please?

  17. Blind Ghost says:



    Stop the Presses Namco !! LOL.

    I dont know weatheri should Feel sorry for this game or Just treat it like a Mentaly challenge kid.

    • Tekkenlover says:

      yeah this game is no where near tekken especially with stupid combo breaker that they have in this game it will be broken and unbalanced , it’s joke to compare tekken to this game,i just thought the idea of challenge mode was unique and interesting, i am not even sure i wanna spend my money on it,

  18. Farhan says:

    Jun looks so sexy. wanna bang her super hard until she screams

  19. […] finals of MLG to show the fans his vision of Tag 2: YouTube – Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – MLG Dallas He also posts the in game model of Jun and True Ogre the moment his team completed them And he also posted in game footage of Jun and T Ogre to see what the reception is from the fans: […]

  20. Shane says:

    Those are awesome pictures, the updated looks for Jun and Ogre are both excellent! Jun looks as beautiful as always, and Ogre looks much more vicious now! I can’t wait to play as these two again in TTT2!

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