Tekken x Street Fighter: A Combo Movie

S.M.P and our very own tmd02 have made a… Tekken x Street Fighter combo video! Obviously, it doesn’t contain material from the upcoming crossover, however, the concept of the video is very interesting. Don’t hesitate and watch it!

14 Responses to Tekken x Street Fighter: A Combo Movie

  1. oni-wolf says:

    nice video…

    lmao @ Camie / Marduk transition… haha…

  2. TTT2 says:

    L O L Marduk

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  4. tmd02 says:

    Thanks for putting the vid up here Di, i haven’t been able to have access to a PC lately.

    • Tekkenlover says:

      it would be interesting to see how they deal with projectile and design a character such as dahlsim since he can extend his arm and leg, if comes that in tekken version with that ability, it would really a hard job to balance it

      • MEDzZ3RO says:

        Dhalism is quite strange but characters like Yoshimitsu and Raven both have the ability to teleport so I’d say it evens out.

  5. Nick says:

    Paul as Dan was pretty well done, I thought.

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    The last thing i want is for Namco to give Capcom characters in the game extra moves, cause all Fucking capcom will do when they make the next itteration is steal the move set that was given to their characters in TEKKEN X STREET FIGHTER and call it thier own.

    Fucking Uncreative Phaggets, its been 20 fucking years and ryu still plays like Ryu , same 3 fucking moves.

    Just fucking give up Capcom fighting is not your Fort’e let SNK handle 2d Fighting theyve been carryuing the fucking Genre for the pasty 20 years anyway. you ass holes just barely made a comback 2 years ago.

    In the meant time why dont you go fix up MVC3 since you guys screwded that up as well. YOUR FANS ARE CRYING !!!

    Its amazing how people bend over ass backwards for a company that knows nothing about fighting games.


  7. triggaman says:

    fuk you street fighter waz da birth of fightin games u fukin stupid twat then all snk and bull shit came out so shut da fuk up

  8. Forest says:

    Super Fun!

  9. Blind Ghost says:

    Go fuck yourself Phagget, U dont know the first thing about Fighting games.

    Did u know that The same team that Made Street Fighter was the same Team who made King Of fighters.

    Did u know that SNk invented the tag system

    Did you know that they invented The very First Super move

    Did U know that They were the First to have Weapon Based Fighting.

    The first To have a 3 on 3 system before MVC3….

    I guess you didnt huh ?? but i dont blame you, your just a dick rider, So shut the fuck up before I go fuck your mom again and give you a little brother.

    why dont you go play that Broke ass pieceo f shit by Capcom MVC3, ya thats right Keep buying thier Glitched out games keep getting fucked in the ass by Capcom.

    Stupid Dumb fuck.

  10. VeNoM362 says:

    Interesting video.

    Cammy Marduk was…disturbing…

    Ghost, came down mane,lol

    I’m just saying…

  11. jinogre says:

    I guess cammy has been on the juice and hitting the gym hard! Watch out in SF5 bitch will be banned lol.

  12. edl says:

    blindghost ya damb son of a bitch hav u seen ur own ps3 profile avatar you get ken as ur own avatar pic u fuking hypocite fukin coksuker

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