King/Armor King/Bruce Combo Videos By The Main Man & Reviews

With TMM releasing so many great CMVs, Here is a joint review of his King, Armor King and Bruce combo videos! Click the videos above to view and click below for the reviews.

Armor King Review:


  • The Wavedashing into a HCF+1 grab (Giant Swing) was a great start to the video, thanks to TMM’s Mishima skills he can do the same for AK.
  • The combo at 0:48 had a great B! ender (B! d/f+1, DU, f+1+4), (DU = CD+2/f,d,d/f+2)
  • 0:56 used B! 1, GT (HCF+1) which was very cool.
  • 1:13 makes use of the B! f,f 3+4, f+2,1 W! first developed by ZRM27, he used it in a unique manner imo.
  • 1:22 makes great use of GT FB! iWS+4 during a combo which was first found by Moramota from KYSG, it was also used at 3:14
  • CD+4, f,f, d/f+1 was great to see working on smalls.
  • The music helped the impact of the already good combos, very cool.

King Review:

  • The King video had also had some great uses of the GS FB! by Moramota, especially on Anger of the Earth stage.
  • 1:11 was awesome, heavy damage.
  • 1:19 was a great collision combo, the collision originally came from “sithlord” and “Spinal Villian” from their Panda combo video (TMM creditted it at the end of the video).
  • Combos at 1:39 and 2:12 showed great dash and iSW technique, King’s jabs tend to have less range than Armor Kings.
  • The last few combos had a great range of GT usage! Very Flashy!
  • The music was fitting to Kings character, along witht he customs.

Bruce Review:

  • The first combo was a good starting point, heavy damage and B! 1 is always great to see.
  • 1:09 was a good 10 hit combo, very fresh.
  • Combo at 1:15 was a good combo with d+3+4 spam, very flashy.
  • 1:27 was another cool spam combo! d/b+2,1,4 looks awesome, and a little wall popping too!
  • There was alot of variation with B! 1 and the collision combos were great, TMM used alot of good W! combos too.


  • the quality was good but the lines through the footage are visible, only minor.
  • The stage Urban War Zone was used heavily in all of TMMs acts, however the combos were great.
  • Bruce#s CD+3+4,3+4 W! has been seen in almost every Bruce combo video, it can get tedious after a while.

6 Responses to King/Armor King/Bruce Combo Videos By The Main Man & Reviews

  1. triggaman says:

    mk and sf rule the usa and thats a fact! always have always will sorry to say but the usa hates tekken haha becoz itz new skool

  2. edl says:

    happy 20th birthday to the original legendary first fighting game to start it all lets give it to street fighter 2 world warrior!


    Nice new header markman.

  4. deebo says:

    awesome armor king video, bout time we had one :P

  5. Tekkenlover says:

  6. L_Z_N says:

    Just watched the 3 of them, one after another.

    So many creativity in those combos..
    Great job TMM.

    And the reviews helped me appreciate these vids better.

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