King/Armor King/Bruce Combo Videos By The Main Man & Reviews

With TMM releasing so many great CMVs, Here is a joint review of his King, Armor King and Bruce combo videos! Click the videos above to view and click below for the reviews.

Armor King Review:


  • The Wavedashing into a HCF+1 grab (Giant Swing) was a great start to the video, thanks to TMM’s Mishima skills he can do the same for AK.
  • The combo at 0:48 had a great B! ender (B! d/f+1, DU, f+1+4), (DU = CD+2/f,d,d/f+2)
  • 0:56 used B! 1, GT (HCF+1) which was very cool.
  • 1:13 makes use of the B! f,f 3+4, f+2,1 W! first developed by ZRM27, he used it in a unique manner imo.
  • 1:22 makes great use of GT FB! iWS+4 during a combo which was first found by Moramota from KYSG, it was also used at 3:14
  • CD+4, f,f, d/f+1 was great to see working on smalls.
  • The music helped the impact of the already good combos, very cool.

King Review:

  • The King video had also had some great uses of the GS FB! by Moramota, especially on Anger of the Earth stage.
  • 1:11 was awesome, heavy damage.
  • 1:19 was a great collision combo, the collision originally came from “sithlord” and “Spinal Villian” from their Panda combo video (TMM creditted it at the end of the video).
  • Combos at 1:39 and 2:12 showed great dash and iSW technique, King’s jabs tend to have less range than Armor Kings.
  • The last few combos had a great range of GT usage! Very Flashy!
  • The music was fitting to Kings character, along witht he customs.

Bruce Review:

  • The first combo was a good starting point, heavy damage and B! 1 is always great to see.
  • 1:09 was a good 10 hit combo, very fresh.
  • Combo at 1:15 was a good combo with d+3+4 spam, very flashy.
  • 1:27 was another cool spam combo! d/b+2,1,4 looks awesome, and a little wall popping too!
  • There was alot of variation with B! 1 and the collision combos were great, TMM used alot of good W! combos too.


  • the quality was good but the lines through the footage are visible, only minor.
  • The stage Urban War Zone was used heavily in all of TMMs acts, however the combos were great.
  • Bruce#s CD+3+4,3+4 W! has been seen in almost every Bruce combo video, it can get tedious after a while.

6 thoughts on “King/Armor King/Bruce Combo Videos By The Main Man & Reviews

  1. mk and sf rule the usa and thats a fact! always have always will sorry to say but the usa hates tekken haha becoz itz new skool

  2. happy 20th birthday to the original legendary first fighting game to start it all lets give it to street fighter 2 world warrior!

  3. Just watched the 3 of them, one after another.

    So many creativity in those combos..
    Great job TMM.

    And the reviews helped me appreciate these vids better.

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