TEKKEN 6 Announced For WCG 2011!

World Cyber Games announced the NINE titles to be played during the 2011 season. TEKKEN 6 being the lone fighting game in the group! For more info click on the link below!

18 Responses to TEKKEN 6 Announced For WCG 2011!

  1. JAG says:

    That’s great news, especially after MLG dropped Tekken. Props WCG, next time just get better announcers lol.

  2. christian says:


  3. Pillow says:

    Korea vs Japan

    I can’t wait!

  4. TTT2 says:

    Out of topic, but when is the royal rumble?

  5. L_Z_N says:


    This news just came in time, when I was looking for something to post at Indotekken’s FaceBook page.

    Thanks MarkMan.

  6. Tekkenlover says:

    cant wait to see it

  7. TTT2 says:

    THX L_Z_N :)

  8. Ruby says:

    lol SF fans butthurt because SSFIV not appearing on WCG 2011


  9. Blind Ghost says:

    Fuck em, that games broke anyways, who the fuck wants to see none stop ken and ryu matches.

    i rather play a game where anyone stands a chance to win , not one where the guy that can spam the fastest fire ball wins.


  10. Forest says:

    What time in Eastern Standard Time does it start?

    This is good news for Tekken

  11. JackNY says:

    Europe is joke!

    US should get 4 spots for WCG

  12. edl says:

    blindghost sorry to say but america is a sf and capcom country tekken does not even come close to capcom fighting games in america i know bare people that love oldskool fighting games like mk and sf but never heard of tekken haha either way tekken will never come close to sf and capcom fighting games in america

  13. Blind Ghost says:

    The majority of gamers here are fucking stupid.

    I started with SF, and MK , when i was a kid i begged my parents to buy me SFII when i was in elementatry school, i played the crap out of it i beat it with every character. i did the same for MK, and i did the same for KI.

    i was raised on SF, but over the years i developed a fucking brain.

    and realized that there were better fighters out there .

    it doesnt look like a lot of peopel developed a brain.

    since SF is broken as shit but people still keep playing it…lol i guess they like being at a disadvantage.

  14. UK-BOB-1978 says:

    Hi there,

    Could anyone help me; I’m from the UK and I want to register in Japan (where I live) for the qualifiers. I’ve searched the WCG and other sites but can’t find the registration page. If anyone could provide the link I’d be grateful. I haven’t played in a tournament since Tekken 4 and since Korea is so close to Japan I have to go! Thanks in advance.

  15. hey jdcr what about WCG 2011

  16. sd says:


    […]TEKKEN 6 Announced For WCG 2011! « SDTEKKEN.COM – Tekken News Resource![…]…

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