Tekken 6 Baek Combo Video by TMM & Review

It seems TMM is going through every character in Tekken 6! He has released a Baek combo video with a lot of good stuff, click above for the video and click below for the review!

Baek Combo Review:


  • From previous videos TMM’s intro pieces have really molded into his combo videos, good job on that part.
  • Thanks for Baek’s ability to CD (Crouch Dash = f,d,d/f) TMM makes good use of his Mishima WD (Wave Dash) skills for a flashy effect.
  • The first combo starts the video well with a spam combo using Baek’s multiple 3+4~f+3, 4 (Remember to let go of the F for the move to come out).
  • 0:44 was a good 10 hit combo, the music was timed well with the combo ender, another good 10 hitter at 0:53.
  • 1:16 has a cool collision combo, a lot of W! juice too!
  • 1:32 was another cool spam combo utilizing u/f+3,4,3 B! and it also has f,f,f+3~f FLA used.
  • The last few combos showed some nice W! juice, good stuff.
  • The music gave a unique feel which separates this from other Baek vids, it gives more of a dark feeling which I personally like.


  • There’s still a lot of combos done in the Urban War Zone stage like previous vids, it can get tedious to view.
  • Although they were great to watch, a lot of the combos used a little too much 3+4 spam in them.

One Response to Tekken 6 Baek Combo Video by TMM & Review

  1. The Main Man says:

    Thanks for the awesome review man! I concur! :D

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