Team Spooky has put up the entire playlist of TEKKEN 6 action from the TOP 16 of FINAL ROUND XIV! Relive some of the most hype matches that USA Tekken has to offer! These high quality videos are brought to you by Team Spooky, with commentary from Namco Bandai’s Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui, SDTEKKEN’s Mark “MarkMan” Julio, X.6’s Hoa “Anakin” Luu, and NY’s Renikon! Click below for the full playlist!

5 Responses to Relive FINAL ROUND XIV’s TEKKEN 6 Finals!

  1. concretebody says:

    YES! More videos! Too bad my PS3 went out of commission just before I was about to get on some tekken 6. Anyone got one they don’t use? :0)

  2. Kozy says:

    Nice matches, but if GMMA Kor was here he would body everyone.

  3. sn0wb00ts says:

    Dude hate to break it to ya but Anakin crushed Kor. And as a matter of fact I haven’t heard of him in a tourney since! ^_^

  4. Good Games, GM got Hoa with all of those Low Parry Wall Carries like a beast.

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