TEKKEN 6 King Combo Video By Doree & Review!

After his insane WB! heavy King video last year, Doree from Team Turk Masters (also known as RatRodBike on Youtube) has released a sequel to the King hit and even better than before! Click above for the video and click below for the review!


  • The first combo was very unique with King’s CH CD+1+2, FC,d/f+1, cc (crouch cancel) d/f+4,3, very unique!
  • 0:32 was a fantastic f+2,2,2 B! spam combo, how many did he just do?!?
  • The following combo was a great multi W! combo, good stuff.
  • 1:04 had some insane wall popping moments as if it wouldn’t stop, nice!
  • The combo after showed FB! iSW for the first time to my knowledge, pretty tight.
  • Doree throughout the video made fantastic use of Kings d/f+1,2 for extra W! hits.
  • 1:45 has to be the highlight for a King video with the first 10 hit combo for T6BR (unless anyone can find any previous material?), good stuff.
  • 2:25 was good stuff, B! 4, 1, iSW.
  • 2:42 was another great wall pop combo, pretty unusual indeed.
  • 3:02 was a pretty good find, iSW working on a BT opponent, sweet (ALTHOUGH the concept of a King/AK grab on BT opp was previously done by ZRM27/Dredd with AK: 1+2+3+4~CD+2, 2,1, GT).


  • The music wasn’t much of a good choice for the King vid, and only a few moments of the combos actually click in motion with the beat of the music.
  • A lot of the combos were done on Marduk and other bigs, although still good combos.
  • Combo at 2:10 seemed rather pointless with a WS+4 ender, not to mention 3+4,2 B! f+2,2,1 was done by combo maker Zarzob.
  • Actual credit for the combos could get mistaken by the naked eye by the video uploader, if someone releases material it should be released onto an account that’s theirs in my opinion.
  • Unlike the HEAVY WB! video Doree made previously, this video however doesn’t have a single WB! combo.

2 Responses to TEKKEN 6 King Combo Video By Doree & Review!

  1. Sandilord says:

    I actually liked the music way better than all that speedmetal crap that everyone always uses. Imo that doesn’t fit at all. We need vids with some nice beats, dancemusic.

  2. Shirdel says:

    I agree with Sandilord, Slow-Paced Music isn’t nessicarily bad music, and I think it suited the Pace of the Video very well.

    Combo-Wise, this was the best King CMV I have EVER seen, fantastic job.

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