London Tournament Videos

Our friends from London have put up videos from their latest tournament. We don’t want to spoil you the results so jump to the link below and watch videos of the top 16.

12 Responses to London Tournament Videos

  1. mistmatch says:

    those commentators really pissed me off. especially towards the end of dinosaur vs ninjabeam’s match. unprofessional.

  2. SteveFox says:

    Italy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UK

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  4. bloodanime says:

    The way Knee plays Byran makes Dinosaur a chicken.

    • Shotomaster says:

      You can’t compare Europe Bryan to Japanese/Korean Bryan players.

      Buri, Sunchip, Knee, Bakushi and even Mr.Naps are top Bryan players in the world.

  5. Blind Ghost says:

    to be honest Korean have reached such a godly status im done calling them Koreans. from now on if you hear me say ” Super Saiyans ” then Just know that im reffering to Koreans.

    Thier fucking untouchable man, this argument is over, you think cause you beat a couple of them at 2 or 3 tourneys and you think have them down then you meet 2 other diffrent Saiyans and thier even stronger with a totaly diffrent playing style, that will completly catch you off your guard, and wipe you off your feet CLEAN !

    even RIP admits that shit, and hes a pro here , when the Pros from the U.S come to the relization of how much dedication is given to tekken there, then you know that just some scary shit.

    have to have the same set up, same mentality, same dedication, and the same setting on TEKKEN machines to stand a snowballs chance in hell going agian st them.

    They ARE FUCKING SAIYANS !!! everyone here should just come to that Realization. END OF STORY.

    • Reality says:

      If you are going to be a video whore and base your finding on watching videos, you should at least realize that RIP didn’t even get out of the orange ranks when he was in Korea. He was around the Vanquisher ranks which is not even at the half-way point for colored ranks. Given the same amount of time there, Fab and Anakin made it much higher in a much shorter amount of time. If I’m not mistaking, Fab had two characters (Bob and Miguel) in blue ranks before they left Korea. Anakin was also in the blue ranks. It is no easy feat to achieve that in such a short amount of time being there. I mean I saw Fab at Raksasa, which is two ranks from Dragon Lord, which is 10 whole ranks higher than RIP. RIP is not on the same level as America’s finest when it comes to mind games and death matches and just long play in general. RIP is accomplished in the tournament environment(which happens here more often than there), but that will only get you so far in climbing the ranks in Korea/Japan. Ask RIP if he thinks he’s on the same level as Anakin and Fab and see what he says. See how your pro responds and get back at us. I got Anakin, Fab, GM, Crow, and Naps rounding off America’s top 5 all around. It would be these who would be the Tekken Emperors and Tekken Gods of the US if we had the environment for it or if they lived in Japan/Korea throughout a whole Tekken Release.

  6. Blind Ghost says:

    THOSE MOFOS are going down in HISTORY.

  7. Blind Ghost says:

    what up concerte, wat u up to man ??

    • concretebody says:

      Gotta get me another PS3, dude. My other one doesnt work anymore. Thats why i haven’t been online lately.

  8. Forest says:

    …button binding in the grand finals??

    But good matches.

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