Tekken 6 Leo Combo Video by GuC11 [KYSG] & Review!

After his impressive Hwoarang Compilation video, GuC11 of KYSG has just released a new CMV featuring Leo! She/He hasn’t had much attention to combo makers and this does her/him justice! Click above to view the video and click below for the review!

Leo Combo Video Review:


  • The intro gave a unique beginning to the video, using the practice combo meter to develop an arcade game feel in beat with the music, very clever.
  • The first combo was great to see, I just love combos with a roll back launch!
  • 0:42 was a very good non W! combo to start the tempo of the video, with QCF+2 into f,f+4,3  being unique compare to holding B to start a combo, and with B! 2, QCF+1+2 being a cool combo ender.
  • The following combo was a great move spam combo, that’s quite a lot of b+2,1+2!
  • Next combo after that has to be one of the best combos in the vid, d+1+2,1+2 C! iWS+1,4,1 W! was priceless.
  • 1:10 was my personal favourite non W! combo, with 11 hits and ending with B! 3,2,3, also in beat with he music.
  • CH ss+1+2, f,f+1+2 W! was great to see, stuns into a grab is always cool!
  • 1:38 showed the usage of Leo’s super charge move d/b+4,1,2 W! within a combo, good stuff.
  • 1:57 was outstanding, good job indeed.
  • The combo at 2:14 with a reversal starter was very unique, almost looked like nothing could combo from it!
  • The following combo showed a ton of W! juice with the use of the Raven glitch.
  • 2:38 was the cream of the crop, using a 70% WS+1,4,1 to another W! needed great precision and angling, the idea was given to hom by fellow KYSG member Deep Theater, good job guys!
  • The music was surreal compared to a lot of the music in combo videos, very fitting to Leo’s character gender confusion.


  • Although for me this was great, some viewers might of wanted to see a bit more non W! combos.
  • the excess footage of Kuma’s jabs could have been cropped away for faster pace, although it did add to the rest of the video following after.

8 Responses to Tekken 6 Leo Combo Video by GuC11 [KYSG] & Review!

  1. concretebody says:

    Yes! A Leo combo vid

  2. johnny says:

    are you serious? a REVIEW?? i appreciate a combo video but thats just lame as shit

  3. guc11 says:

    Thanks for the great review bro, and thanks for posting my video here!

  4. chemicalRed says:


  5. Mundo says:

    Getting a restricted error message when I try to play the vid. Anyone else?

  6. The Main Man says:

    “using a 70% WS+1,4,1 to another W! needed great precision and angling, the idea was given to hom by fellow KYSG member Deep Theater”

    Theater liked the same combo in my Kaz act 11, I did it with u/f+4,4,4,4

    Great vid!

  7. Forest says:

    Yeah TBH I think a review of something like this is ridiculous. Amazing work GUC11.

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