CAPTIVATE 2011: Street Fighter x Tekken OVERLOAD!

MarkMan was over at Capcom’s CAPTIVATE 2011 to check out all the latest Capcom titles, one of which being the latest from Ono-san’s team: Street Fighter x Tekken! Check out the latest cg trailer! More updates/impressions soon!

24 Responses to CAPTIVATE 2011: Street Fighter x Tekken OVERLOAD!

  1. Spitfire says:

    Kazuya better beat that ass all day….3rd Strike 4 lyfe but itz been TEKKEN 4 EVER!!!!!!!!

  2. friedricewithtekken says:

    lol! beat them up tekken!

  3. concretebody says:

    Hey, where’s the other video

  4. andre says:

    kazuya laser comes from left eye?

  5. oni-wolf says:

    awesome vid, graphics, special effects, fighting scene… as Spiriax said: “epic”

  6. Tekkenlover says:

    love kazuya in this game, just one thing, when he says dorya in here it doesnt sound as epic as it does in tekken, they should replace it with his original voice from tekken, other than that everything about him looks perfect and capcom did a fine job on making him

  7. ICEYOU says:

    Kazuya is really whoopen alot of ass in this trailer!

  8. ICEYOU says:

    I believe that they kept the original voice actor for in game fighting for Kazuya.

  9. Greekgod013 says:

    After watching the original gameplay footage and watching the updated interview ok IGN showing new gameplay footage with Kazuya, Ken, King, and Bob I’m really concerned that the current game really looks heavily in favor or more geared to a street fighter engine. I know they said they’re also doing a 3-d rendition of the game using th Tekken engine but all I see is street fighter x Tekken and not Tekken x street fighter. To me it seems like the Tekken engine is smoother and the combat is less broken. I am not trying to diss street fight but Kaz looked awkward and clunky. It seemed to lack fluidity. Hey Markman what are your thoughts and have you heard or seen anything on the other edition of street fighter x Tekken crossover where the 3-D plane is being used?

    • abner says:

      its meant to be sf engine, namco is making their own tkXsf which will be the tekken engine you’re looking for.

      it’s supposed to be tekken characters in sf engine so most likely they will have ultras and supers, and be in 2D plane only etc.

      • MiloNZ says:

        Yeah, two versions (Capcom and Namco).

        I knew it would be easy to have the Tekken characters in the SF engine, and it looks fun. The more interesting version will have to be Namco, imagine Ryu doing Tekken combo’s lol.

        It does look like the Tekken characters have slowed down somewhat, Doooreeya? slow as, hope they are still very aggressive and in your face, that reversal (counter) feature seems like the way to break the patient and waiting game that is SF.

  10. This game is gonna be sick… thats pretty much all i have to say. Gettin a new Stick, Pad, & 23 LED Monitor!

  11. deebo says:

    armor king and jun kazama for the next character update please, and yes I am being a fanboy :p

    • Graph says:

      OMG a fat blond guy fighting hahahah how hilarious, lets put him in the game the fans will love it! – Capcom..

  12. lolque says:

    jo looks pretty cool but gameplay is like sf and thats not the bemu typ i like so…i stay with tekken lol or ttt2 fuck yeah

  13. shika1983 says:

    Not a SF fan but the trailer does look pretty good.

    Kazuya was totally badass.

    Just makes me look forward to TxSF even more

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