Tekken 5/BR Marduk & Multi Combos by KYSG Moramota & Review!

One of the legends from the famous combo team KYSG named Moramota has just released a new compilation of Tekken 5 Marduk combos and multi character combos in Tekken 6 BR with some crazy moments! Click above to view the video and click below for the review (Also with a few facts from sithlord, credit to him)!

Moramota Comb Review:


  • The compilation of Tekken 5 clips Moramota had done was very unique for a combo video today with more updated installments to the Tekken franchise, pretty cool.
  • A lot of the Marduk material was very good, with d/f+3,d/f+1, VTSc FC (3+4~d) FC d/f+4 and many other highlights aswell as Moku-Marduk juice, good job!
  • Moving onto the Tekken 6 material, the first thing that caught my eye was the Lee combo with f,f+3+4 launch with multiple d+4,4 W! with 70% wall hits, awesome!
  • The little segments with Kuma, Lei and Ling were fantastic, especially a combo from Armor King’s 1+4 UB!
  • Combos at 2:24 and 2:31 were phenomenal, with Moku-Ling utilizing d/f+2~1 to pick off the floor.
  • The Jack-6 combo at 2:44 had a lot of Kuma W! juice with B! f,f+3, d/b+1,1,1,2 WB! in similar fashion to Lee’s B! b+4, d+4,4,4,4, pretty sweet.
  • At 3:07 Moramota managed to have the strange effect of d+3,1 to cause a W1 to as another d+3,1!
  • There was a lot of interesting stuff with the use of the air grab FB! discovery that Moramota found a while ago, good stuff.
  • The music fitting with KYSG’s style was very classical, gifting a different feel to other combo videos.
  • A few of the clips were from previous Moramota uploaded on YouTube but were deleted, so adding them to this video was a good chance to see them again.
  • Moramota credited Golden Eggs ofr Ling’s BT taunt hitbox, good stuff.


  • The quality of footage was indeed viewable but it’s hard to make out the combo meter, meaning you’d have to look back to view the combo meter, but this is a minor con.
  • Some of the beginning Tekken 6 combos were already known and were too many of the same stun into Grab or just one hit, but it was good for the beginning of the video and not placed elsewhere.
  • 2 of the combos originated from other combo makers, Armor King’s “Seesaw Wlip” GT into WB! on Anger Of the Earth stage was discovered by ZRM27 and the other was Jacks side grab W! d/b+1,1, by Spinal Villian of Team A.C.E. (I will look into this one also).
  • Some combos Moramota cut away the launcher and ender of the combo, i.e.  Jack-6 combo at 2:44/
  • Another similarity was with Wang’s BT grab W! 1+2 B! side swap, this was originally sithlord’s from Team A.C.E.

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