8 Minutes Of SFxTK Gameplay!

Eight minutes of Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay full of Kazuya’s EWGFs, King’s multi-throws and Marduk’s tackles? One word: YES! CAPTIVATE 2011 videos are looking very promising! Our very own MarkMan can be seen in this video playing the Kazuya & King team Pity that the game will be released in 2012…


22 thoughts on “8 Minutes Of SFxTK Gameplay!

    1. I agree jinUAE that’s the one I’m really looking forward too also.

      I hope Anna has a chance in making the roster for this series cause I’d love to play as her and Rose as a team both are classy and beautiful women

  1. Looks horrible, it is indeed a SF game, but it looks boring as hell… Guess SF fans are gonna stick with their SSF4:AE and tekken fans will def stick with TT2… what a waste I’m not even touching this crossover

  2. i aint gonna front….this shit does look garbage….tekken animated as a movie yea….that works but tekken animated as a 2d fighter….garbage and the physics look so generic for a SF game…terrible execution from Capcom…thats 3 cons against Capcom since comin back into the genre….SF4 MVC3 and this garbage….the only 2 good pros with Capcom was TVC and bringing fighting games 2 da mass market even though Namco been here holding it down doing big things…but this shit is just another negative….i hope this doesnt turn out like SNK/Capcom where Capcom receives profit from both titles like SVC Chaos and CVS2 being that Chaos was dev by snk but Capcom got all profit from that game and Namco is a large company so they aint gonna play that shit…..but as usual ima keep watching til final product….final product of TKxSF lol….til Tag 2 ima b on MK9…

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