Official Japanese Street Fighter X Tekken Site Now Open!

April 16, 2011

Right after the Captivate 2011 embargo lifted, Capcom officially opened the Japanese site for Street Fighter X Tekken! Right now the site is in it’s infancy stages, but you can expect it to be updated constantly with all the big gaming events coming up. Check out the latest trailers and screens by visiting the link below:

Avoiding The Puddle Special: Street Fighter X Tekken With MarkMan

April 16, 2011

The latest Avoiding The Puddle podcast is a special feature on Street Fighter X Tekken! Aris and MarkMan talk about some of the in-depth action and things to consider from a Tekken player’s point of view. Check out the latest episode by following the link below! As always, ATP episodes are slightly NSFW for language/content.

8 Minutes Of SFxTK Gameplay!

April 13, 2011

Eight minutes of Street Fighter X Tekken gameplay full of Kazuya’s EWGFs, King’s multi-throws and Marduk’s tackles? One word: YES! CAPTIVATE 2011 videos are looking very promising! Our very own MarkMan can be seen in this video playing the Kazuya & King team Pity that the game will be released in 2012…

CAPTIVATE 2011: Street Fighter x Tekken OVERLOAD!

April 12, 2011

MarkMan was over at Capcom’s CAPTIVATE 2011 to check out all the latest Capcom titles, one of which being the latest from Ono-san’s team: Street Fighter x Tekken! Check out the latest cg trailer! More updates/impressions soon!

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