Tekken 6 “The Divine Combo” Community Video Part 1 & Review!

As we heard before, Perfect Input member S.M.P. had organised a new Tekken 6 Community Video with the top combo makers in the business to join, he has released part 1 of the combo thriller with a lot of great stuff! Click above to watch the video (I suggest clicking the “Watch on YouTube” video button due to copyright) and click below for the review of part 1!

Tekken 6 Combo Movie: “The Divine Combo” Part 1 Review:


  • The intro is very imaginative, it gives you something else interesting other than the combos, combo vids do greatly with a form of plot too.
  • KYSG Deep Theater’s starting combo was outright crazy, with the multiple GT (Ground Throws) and then with a combo reset without the use of a FB! was great!
  • The new combo makers such as Oblong_Sneaky and Black Priest made some pretty good material for this vid, Bob’s customs were funny and BP’s timing for the paul combo was great.
  • Orochimaru performed an awesome Baek combo with a combo from a KND (Knockdown) launcher 3+4, It also featured guaranteed damage near the W! from the floor.
  • Eternal_EMZ throughout the video showed promising Bruce combos, there isn’t a lot of Bruce material out there.
  • The Lee in this video was amazing, coming from AZYG4LYFE, Drake the Demon and Murakumo, with a great FB! combo reset by Murakumo for some heavy DMG near W!
  • Combo at 3:52 from Crumbs! had a great Ganryu concept combo with multiple use of f,f+4, pretty flashy!
  • A Law combo from Hoc at 4:28 was awesome to see, this is his first appearance for Tekke 6 since the days of Tekken 5, we hope to see more of him in the future.
  • Combos from 4:35 to 5:00 were pretty cool coming from TMM, Orochimaru, Tobi, sithlord and Dilly.
  • Another cool combo by KYSG Deep Theater with Yoshimitsu, there’s a lot of Flea stance involved!
  • Starting from 5:25 to 6:02 was a whole compilation of brilliant Jack_6 combos featuring Spinal Villain, Velone, Keeper of the Crane and Orochimaru, awesome stuff guys!
  • 6:33 had a whole lot of Leo damage from KYSG GuC11 using a Raven glitch, pretty sweet.
  • 6:48 shows some wonderful skill by Golden Eggs with Lars, awesome iSW skills dude!
  • 7:05 had a cool KND combo by Drake the Demon with a ST f+2,1, f+3+4 FB!, good job!
  • 7:34 shows sithlord with some hard Wang shizzle, always good to see Wang in Tekken.
  • Fuuchikurin has some great Steve concepts during the first part, keep it up.
  • Following after was a Dragunov combo by Black Priest, great to see some more Dragunov out there!
  • The last combo with KYSG Guc11’s Steve with multiple f+1+2 stuns thanks to a collision was some heavy stuff!
  • The overall theme was superb from S.M.P., with combos joint with the stages such as A.O.E and Lightning Storm was pretty cool, and the idea with the mini Jack_6 compilation was a great idea!
  • The music was the cream of the crop for this part of the community video, very up-beat and fitting with the Jack_6 concept.


  • A few of the starting combos didn’t bring too much hype towards the intro, such as ZRM27, Spinal, sithord and Fuuchikurins (ETC either too short or with stuff already thought possible).
  • The Hwoarang combo by Drake felt very short for me, but this might not be the case.
  • Although my own combo with Lei’s grab to WB!, I could have looked to see if I could carry onto another W! or make the combo more technical.
  • at 7:26 Oblong_sneaky did a great combo but the last angled W! hit looked techable, but this also might not be the case.

3 Responses to Tekken 6 “The Divine Combo” Community Video Part 1 & Review!

  1. chemicalRed says:

    Good stuff so far..

  2. Graph says:

    Editing was pretty bad, but combo’s is what it’s about and they were crazy good. Also Murakumo is too good with Lee

  3. Cori says:

    Nice video, what do you mean by FB!?

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