Tekken 6 Mishima Combo Act 5 by TMM/ DVJ Exorcism Vid by EDT & Reviews!

PERSONAL MESSAGE: It had come to my attention that a few people had some issues with these reviews, I had read and acted accordingly to the “advice”.

The Mishima combo maker TMM, has recently managed to squeeze more combo juice out of the Mishimas for his new combo video! Whilst doing this review TMM himself suggested I add fellow Mishima combo team EDT’s (Egyptian Darkness Team) Devil Jin combo video entitled “Exorcism” to the review (written by TMM himself)! Click above for TMM’s video and click below for the Reviews and EDT’s video!

Tekken 6 Mishima Act 5 by TMM review:


  • At the beginning of the video, TMM enhanced his previously seen intro with cut-scene segments from the Tekken series involving the Mishimas. The final outcome was outstanding with mini segments for each character, also including one combo each specifically for the intro, great job.
  • The first combo that caught my attention was at 2:06, with the use of wave dashing (WD) during the CH d/f+2 stun and after the B!, very flashy!
  • The following combo was with Heihachi performing EWGF, CD+4,4,1, d+1 B!, this was previously done in earlier installments of Tekken (5/DR) but not seen in T6.
  • At 2:48 TMM does an interesting Jin combo with it ending with multiple uses of  f+4, pretty cool.
  • The next combo with Heihachi was a reused combo from TMM’s Heihachi combo video (Which was inspired by player JDCR as a combo staple), but it’s still great to see in my opinion.
  • Another following combo shows DVJ using the Alisa b,b+1+2 glitch by KYSG GuC11, with the EWGF, u/f+1+2 side swap, very interesting!
  • At 3:24 TMM makes another advancement to Jin’s b+1,4 sweep with WS+2 into jab! With enhancements like that TMM is really taking Jin into his own character.
  • The combo at 3:31 was one of the best Heihachi combos in my opinion, with an angled W! hit with d+3+4,1,2 B! EWGF W! d/f+1+2 70% w! hit, it was awesome!
  • Heihachi scared the live out of me at 4:24!
  • The following combo after the giant Heihachi has DVJ’s most creative W! combo on Kuma in my opinion, great job.
  • Jin at 4:44 also shows some great W! damage on Kuma  with a high W! u/f+1+2 laser item move with a 70% d/b+2,2 hitting the back of Kuma’s head!
  • the combo after is a cool Heihachi combo with f,f+2 (collision) W! d+1+4 FB! into combo, nice!
  • 5:09 has to be the best Kazuya combo in my opinion, using the FB! combo reset TMM also had the spacing to have a W! b+1+4 UB! 70% hit!
  • From 5:19 to 6:13, fantastic set of combos from all the Mishimas!
  • 6:15 shows DVJ do 3 EWGFs into iWS+4, d/f+1+2 B! WS+4 ETC, TMM has technical skill to spare.
  • The Next combo with Kazuya was great, after the combo TMM does some more effects with Kazuya smirking, jumping away in glory! Very cinematic!
  • The last 2 combos with Heihachi and DVJ were the cream of the crop, defiantly the best for last! For Heihachi with a combo from D+3+4,1,2 and the multiple use of DVJ’s u/f+1+2 on W! causing a wall popping effect, theses are great combos to end on.
  • The overall video had a fantastic cinematic feel which TMM has used for his Mishima works for a while, after his successful videos not including the Mishimas it’s great to see his mains in action one last time for T6.


  • Jin’s CH f,f+2, f+4 WB! was from “The Goh Shin” on his Jin combo video.
  • There was a lot of usage of the Urban War Zone stage for TMM’s W! to W! combos, still great combos but the stage is repetitive in my opinion.

Tekken 6 Devil Jin Combo Video: Exorcism Review by TMM:

For people who are into Tekken combos (like me), E.D.T.-“Egyptian Darkness Team” have come to represent a very
uniquely creative and new approach to the Mishima’s. The members present in the Mishima videos are
“The Cursed” and “T-Virus”. Usually “The Cursed” would invent/write the combos and edit, while T-Virus
was in charge of executing the combos. This time “The Cursed” is executing half the combos himself and
doing so rather well one must say!

What really makes this video stand out is the effort that went into the editing, with an exorcism theme
that obviously fits Devil Jin very well. Great care has been taken to be creative and not repeat combos done before,
making a great example for others to follow.


+ superb ambience throughout the video, perfect theme for DJ, nicely selected BGM’s. Overall very
tight editing.

+ very quickly one realises that “The Cursed’s” intention was to use all those moves that are more or less
forgotten by other combo makers, and using them to their full extent. (d+3+4, u/b+2, these come to mind, among others)

+ Focus on non wall instead of overdone wall combos.

+ 2:05 1+2 laser collision into a very neat no-wall juggle.

+ 2:14 CH f,f+3 setup into a short and interesting juggle. “2” hitting in a funny axis.

+ 2:50 another cool CH f,f+3 juggle.

+ 2:56 surely one of the best combos in the vid, tgf,3 into jab, 1+4, d/b+2 for a nice ender.

+ 3:31 excellent, epic sword smash.

+ 3:40 amazing, King probably wont try that again!

+ 5:38 elegant combo!
– several counts of using “bigs” when it was not necessary.

– 3:09 CH b,f+2, ewgf, ewgf, ws+4, ws+4, d/f+1+2 B! f,f+3,1, ewgf (on marduk) The same combo has
 been done on normals, with more unusual enders.

– While I have nothing against it myself, its obvious that the editing will be bothersome to some people.

In conclusion: A great vid! I recommend it to anyone who likes to watch Tekken combos but most of all to
Mishima fans. We seldom see innovative Mishima vids so this was very welcome!

2 Responses to Tekken 6 Mishima Combo Act 5 by TMM/ DVJ Exorcism Vid by EDT & Reviews!

  1. Spitfire says:

    where is Lars?? he’s a mishima……

  2. Cori says:

    Nice video, what do you mean by FB!?

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