Mr. NAPS Versus Bronson

Aris from Avoiding The Puddle has posted a piece of news about a FT10 series of matches between Mr. NAPS and insanelee recorded on May 4th. Check out the rest of the entry to watch matches between NAPS’ Bryan and Bronson’s… Yoshimitsu!


10 thoughts on “Mr. NAPS Versus Bronson

  1. bronson has an annoying voice. no wonder everyone talks shit about that guy. i’d rather play tekken sitting next to a singing celine dion.

    1. I think Bronson’s funny lol. People are more offended by his confidence in himself if anything. It’s like when a pretty girl has conficence in herself and another girl calls her arrogant for knowing shes pretty…

  2. Naps was enjoyable to watch as usual. Bronson’s annoyance seems more effective then his actual Tekken skill.

  3. Wow bronson’s voice is extremely irritating. Sounds like a mix between Urkle and 14 year old white girl.

  4. Haters gonna hate..
    I love Bronson’s voice and hes doing really good with Yoshi although Naps hasnt played the game in a while.

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