Tekken 6 “Darkside Of The Light” Combo Vid by sithlord & Spinal Villain + Review!

The “Darkside” of the combo force is back with sithlord and Spinal Villain, with interesting combos with Armor King, Christie, Ganryu and more! Click above to view and click below for the review!

Darkside Of The Light review:


1. The first combo starts the video off on the right track, with AK’s unique 1+2+3+4 Charge on an airborne opponent causing a launcher into combo (note that sithlord already released this clip last year), good stuff.

2. At 0:26 is one of the best AK combos in the vid! Using ST d/b+2,3 Near a W! to give no pushback on d+1,4 W! was great.

3. There’s a lot of B! iWR+3 and material in this vid, essential to AK’s brutality.

4. 0:49 featured CH d/f+2, d+2 B! making clever use of Panda’s size.

5. 1:17 to 1:30 were great collision ideas, with both characters starting BT for the first and Kuma for the second, they’re a lot different from regular collision combos.

6. The following combo was great, with B! iWR+3, d/f+1 connecting!

7. 1:43 has some cool wall popping going on there, with a nice GT finisher.

8. The following combo after 1:43 was extremely good with W! d/b+1+2 B! causing AK to go BT, then using his unique BT+4 to WB! then with the rest of the combo, nice!

9. The music used for the AK segment was a good choice, heavy

10. Moving onto Christie, combo videos for her in T6 (not including Eddy) are rare to find at a high level, good choice of character I must say.

11. Although I can’t say I understand Christie/Eddy to a known degree, her dash jabs and stances can be a pain to pull off, which sith/Spinal did well.

12. 2:21 was great, combos on prone opponents are always good.

13. The next character on the vid is Wang, with some of the combos being previously released stand alone clips and some new material, some of the Wang combos look hard indeed.

14. 2:45 was an awesome combo on Ling, it’s rare to see Wang’s SS+1+2 B! in a combo!

15. The next combo has a cool use of f,f+2 spam, the d/f+1,1 B! surprisingly worked that far into the combo.

16. The next character used was Ganryu, starting off with a collision on Kuma into a UB! only to show it didn’t cause WB!, which is a shame but shows they tried (They also tried something similar with Kuma, only to be enraged by the move not causing WB!).

17. The starting combo was a great 9 hit non W! combo! For those who know Ganryu they’ll know of his limited B! enders, sith/Spinal did a great job with what they had.

18. 3:30 was a cool prone opponent combo with Ganryu’s u/f+3+4,2 W!

19. Grabs into combo are always great to see such as 3:42 and 3:52,the first being f,f+2,1+2 with B! 2,1,2 on the back of Kuma’s head into FB! 1+2,1+2! The second was WS+(1+2),1+2, into grab W!

20. The following combo was the best combo on a prone opponent in the video, with WS+1+2,1+2 B! on the back of a grounded Kuma’s head.

21. 3:14 was another unique collision idea, with Bryan’s 1+2 being the collision move!

22. B! iWR+1+2 is very cool to see from Ganryu.

23. The last Ganryu combo was defiantly the best Ganryu combo, with CH 3+4,1 into f,f+2,1+2 grab!

24. The rest of the clips featured are excellent, especially the Bryan combo.

25. With there being no signs or tags to show who did what combo, it adds mystery to the combo video (My guess is that they both did AK, Spinal Villain did Christie, sithlord did Wang and the rest are done together).

26. Another unique feature to the video is that the collisions are done manually between sithlord and Spinal Villain rather than selecting a move in the practice commands, good stuff!


1. Although great combos, there are a lot of combos on bigs (Nothing major, but some can see the combo not at its fullest difficulty/size ETC).

2. There were a few segments where the combo or W! ender could have been improved or more damage could have been available, examples of this would be at 1:17 where W! d+1+4,1+2 could have been a 70% for more damage, and 2:21 where Kuma on the W! could have had more W! damage.

3. The music after the AK segment was great, but it felt like some of it wasn’t in pattern with the combos via changing the track. It would have been better if the music was Laid out for each character in my opinion.

4. 3:41 was a great combo, but with B! 2,1,2 already impressive I feel the FB! wasn’t necessary for it to be a good combo, as it already was.

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  1. terz says:

    It rocks!

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