Namco Has BIG Plans For E3!

Our very own FilthieRich, Community Manager for Namco has big plans for E3! Alongside his co-host Adrianne Curry, Namco Bandai looks to have a lot of good stuff in store for gamers… Especially fighting game fans ;) ! Stay tuned for E3 2011! We plan on stalking FilthieRich just to get closer to Adrianne. ^.^


14 thoughts on “Namco Has BIG Plans For E3!

  1. All I care about is info on Tekken Tag 2 and Soul Calibur 5 and maybe SF X Tekken….but mostly Tekken Tag 2 those TTT2 vids uploaded by ldmaxi were amazing and to think it was only 65%-75% completed!!

  2. yay cool but what news could they show about fighting games ? i mean we saw a lot of ttt2 gameplay and tekken will obv come 2 conssoles so what do they want 2 show ?hm well lets see

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