Hands-On With The New NAMCO Arcade Stick

October 15, 2011

In the video above FilthieRich talks about the latest arcade stick by Mad Catz which will be distributed in a special bundle with the collector’s edition of Tekken Hybrid. If you are a Tekken fan, you can’t miss it! Yet, be aware that this bundle is very limited, so if you want to pre-order it, do it right now.

EVO2011: TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 Coverage From GameSpot!

August 6, 2011

Check out the latest coverage of TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 via GameSpot! This video was recorded at EVOLUTION 2011 and features some behind the scenes commentary from Namco Bandai community manager, FilthieRich. Also check out the vid for some match play between series director Katsuhiro Harada and SDT’s very own MarkMan!

SDTEKKEN And Namco Bandai Team-Up For Comic-Con 2011!

July 17, 2011

SDTEKKEN is proud to announce for our TENTH annual SDTEKKEN Comic-Con Gaming Room, we will once again be teaming up with Namco Bandai Games to bring convention attendees an amazing fighting game experience with the latest from the TEKKEN series and SoulCalibur series! Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Don’t worry! Namco Bandai Games will be producing a high quality live stream featuring ALL of the goodies, powered by Level|Up Series ! So GET READY FOR THE NEXT BATTLE and click below for more information on what Namco Bandai will have in store for fans at Comic-Con 2011 !

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FilthieRich Meets Adrianne Curry – Round 4!

June 3, 2011

FilthieRich is looking forward for the next week’s E3. He is going to put on something special. Curious about his outfit?

FilthieRich Meets Adrianne Curry – Round 3!

June 1, 2011

Remember the old game cheat starting with up, up, down, down, left, right? If you are working for NAMCO Bandai Games you have to know it pretty well, otherwise you won’t be able to make copies of important documents. Luckily, FilthieRich is there to help you!

FilthieRich Meets Adrianne Curry – Round 2!

May 26, 2011

It turns out that the last video featuring FilthieRich and Andrianne Curry was the beginning of a series of Namco Bandai E3 videos. This time round Rich is trying to teach the winner of “America’s Next Top Model” reality show how to play Tekken 6. Is the training effective enough?

Namco Has BIG Plans For E3!

May 24, 2011

Our very own FilthieRich, Community Manager for Namco has big plans for E3! Alongside his co-host Adrianne Curry, Namco Bandai looks to have a lot of good stuff in store for gamers… Especially fighting game fans ;) ! Stay tuned for E3 2011! We plan on stalking FilthieRich just to get closer to Adrianne. ^.^

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