Happy Holiday Giveaways From NAMCO!

Great news from FilthieRich!

“In the spirit of the holidays, all of us at Namco would love to share this amazing prize package with you!! Starting Dec. 17th-21st, FilthieRich will be doing a random drawing for one lucky Tekken-FAN!

To enter: Follow twitter.com/filthierich and tweet @FilthieRich with “Happy Tekken Holidays!” The contest will end at 11:59 PM Tues…day Dec 21st . Winners will be announced on Wednesday, Dec. 22. So be on the look out!!”


9 thoughts on “Happy Holiday Giveaways From NAMCO!

  1. im sorry we need to support namco bandai and tekken not capcom or any other company then how will we succeed in making tekken the best other companys wouldn care for us only namco bandai and tekken thats it for me.

    1. Yeah, I see you prefer NB and TEKKEN. So do I.

      But I want to see other fighting games succeed.

      Capcom, Street Fighter, VS. series, Mortal Kombat, SNK, everything… EVERYTHING…

      The more fighting games win, the more everyone wins.

  2. i am really sorry but for me rich has to support all of namco not capcom or any other company does seth killian support namco and tekken?

    1. lol. he does. not in official capacity, but he does.

      you think about this too much, just let people do their jobs.

      this site will always and forever support all fighting games. bottom line.

  3. then what is with the name tekken on the site i am not being harsh or anything i am not asking for an argument it is just question i am asking politely?

    1. You must be new to the site. Keep checking how this site has been/become over the last few years. We’ve always been like this.

      SDTEKKEN is but a name, we are fighting game fans through and through. Through success in other games, we’ll find success in TEKKEN. :)

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