Happy Death Match Holidays From S. Korea!

Our good friend ldmaxi uploaded this amazing death match set from S. Korea’s Green Arcade! Without a doubt, S. Korea’s top Nina player, Only Practice goes up against  SunChip’s Bruce in an hour and a half set of matches! Tons of good stuff from both players! Enjoy!

9 Responses to Happy Death Match Holidays From S. Korea!

  1. MarkMan says:

    What is crazier? The fact that they played this long? Or the fact that ldmaxi stood there and recorded it all? :)

  2. jay says:

    excellent, beutiful this is art^^

  3. Chaoz says:


    I was in Green Arcade last month and I didn’t notice that time flew by like it was just minutes even though I was playing like hours already XD

  4. Adnanish says:

    Damn! this sooo awesome! As a fan of Sunchips Bruce, this is so great! i enjoyed every second of these great matches. Man those demotion/promo matches were off the hook, too exciting! Thank you very much Maxi for recording and for doing it for so long! :O thank you

  5. jay says:

    maxi is the only person that should be praised for tekken cmon rich support namco and tekken the people at capcom will be laughing at us that we support there games cmon now we need to get a grip look at maxi he is an icon for the tekken scene this is what rich needs to do rep up tekken and all of namco, capcom have seth killian or what eva his name is to rep up there stuff because if we rep capcom games then there will not hardly be a tekken scene in america people will forget about tekken even more like it is already dying in america tekken is dying in america i am sorry but it is the way i see it. Tekken only triumphs in japan, korea and uk.

    • David says:

      tekken has never been more popular in america than it is right now. also, seeing as how both games will be coming together soon it makes sense to embrace street fighter as it will most likely strengthen the tekken community as a whole

  6. FilthieRich says:

    LDMaxi… remember that Idea we had long ago? lets bring it back!!!!

    Jay I support Tekken with all my heart just as much as I do all other Namco titles.


    I love all fighting games altogether!

  7. jay says:

    thank you sir my life is in your hands

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