Tekken 6 Bruce Combo Video – “Muay Thai Warrior” by Eternal-Emz & Review!

Newcomer to the combo world Eternal-Emz has just released a Bruce act of his own to show his growing prowess, he defiantly didn’t disappoint! Click above to view the video and click below for the review!
Bruce Combo Act 1 –  “Muay Thai Warrior” review:


1. The intro scene was well orchestrated, with some great effects and font to match. It’s always nice to see some in-game intro

segments also.

2. The starting combo was good to start off with, 2,d+4,3, dash 3,2~f,1 looked awesome as hell, a great 11 hit combo to kick off the


3. 0:43 was great to see, (2),d+4,3 W! is always flashy to see with W! 2,b,f+4 70% to finish off!

4. The following combo was another awesome 10 hit combo, the amount of range 3,2~f,1 has is staggering and scary at the same time.

5. 0:59 had 2,d+4,3 high W! into f,f+4, d/f+1 (70%),2 FB! Nice!

6. It’s always nice to see some cut-scene in combo videos as Emz has used Bruce’s T5 ending, some combo makers use this a lot and

some don’t, making this not too overused these days.

7. After the cut-scene, Emz used W! d/f+1,2 B! f+1+2 into another W! into f,f+3 WB! for flash, nice use of f+1+2 there.

8. The next combo had a high W! into u/f+1+2, d/f+1,2 B! into combo, also great.

9. Yet another cool 10 hit combo with 2,d+4,3 into d+3+4 B!! Bruce must be the king of 10 hitters!

10. 3:35 was a great d/f+4~MTS,f+1 spam combo, used for launch, B!, FB! and a 70% hit!!

11. 4:06 has to be my favourite non W! combo in my opinion, with B! CD+3+4!

12. 4:32 was also a close favourite of mine, with ST b,f+4, b,f+4, BT+4 into another 10 hit combo, great!

13. The next combo was a cool f+1+2 spam combo, this is similar to what TMM did in his Bruce combo act but this combo was superior

in my opinion.

14. Throughout the vid was a mega ton of W! to W! madness, it must have been frustrating to do these in VS mode to record from


15. The last combo was great with his B+2+3 UB! as a 70% hit!

16. The music was very calming and didn’t distract from the video, allowing for easy viewing. It also had some good beats in it too!

17. The footage quality was extremely top-tier in video recording standard, only a few combo makers have access to this kind of

equipment (Emz had a friend capture the replays in this case).

QUICK FACT (the idea of this was inspired by sithlord of Team A.C.E. over on TZ):

Originally this was suppose to be a Bruce team up video with Emz, TMM and myself. But due to time constraints it ended up with a

solo release by EMZ, this could have been better for Emz to help boost his status as a combo makers with more solo videos under his



1. Although the combos were awesome, a big percentage of them were on bigs, however the combos may have required them to work.

2. The screen size from the cut-scene didn’t match with the other footage as it wasn’t wide-screen, this is only minor.

3. The percentage of W! and FB! combo is a lot higher than non W! combos, but it’s still great combo material by Emz.

EDIT: Mistakes edited, thanks Emz for identifying!


2 Responses to Tekken 6 Bruce Combo Video – “Muay Thai Warrior” by Eternal-Emz & Review!

  1. DIGGS-86 says:

    more power to him
    I got forgotten after the announcement of blood vengeance.

  2. BlackVen0m says:

    THAT’S what a call a combo video WOW!! amazing editing & quality MUSIC and i love bruce!! KEEP IT UP!

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