New Tekken: Blood Vengeance Trailer

A new trailer from the upcoming Tekken: Blood Vengeance has been published. It includes some old and new scenes. According to the video the main character in the plot is going to be Devil Jin.


9 thoughts on “New Tekken: Blood Vengeance Trailer

  1. No!!! According to the video Xiao watches the real form of the Devil GENE not Jin! Lol.

    Devil Jin being the main character of anything would be ridiculous.

  2. Hopefully we’ll see Lars in this movie. Xiao is good for the role but i wish Lars was with Alisa instead even though he has a role with Alisa in Scenario Campaign in Tekken 6. Lars looks like one of those movie bad-asses anyway…just saying. hahaha

  3. I completely agree… Jin is there, Kazuya is there, only Heihachi and Lars missing for the Mishima Clan to be complete… I hope they also bring Lee, Raven, Asuka, Lili, Miguel, Bob, Leo, Zafina, Kuma, Paul and the Marshalls to the movie.

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