Tekken Tag Tournament Coming In HD!

Yes, you are not wrong – Tekken Tag Tournament is going to be released on PlayStation 3 (blu-ray) in a Tekken Hybrid pack, along with the Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie! Check out the very first trailer.

12 Responses to Tekken Tag Tournament Coming In HD!

  1. andrew says:

    Hell yeah

  2. Edge says:

    So rumours are true ;)
    I hope the online gameplay is better than T6

  3. Tekkenlover says:

    must buy for me

  4. L_Z_N says:

    I’ll most probably ignore Tekken titles on the Nintendo consoles.. and focus on this one.. :D

    I’m excited for the pair play, and of course the nostalgia.

  5. insane says:

    Think I will pass on Tekken Tag HD since I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a Orge-fest. Not to mention Tekken Tag 2 is on the way so gots to keep playing T6.

  6. abner says:

    will probably get blood vengeance anyway so tttHD is definitely icing on the cake. i just hate to double dip though as i’ve been wanting to get the namco classic collection with tag/t4/sc2 for ps2

    • Nick says:

      We don’t know the full details on TTTHD yet so I would probably say you should just pick up t4 and sc2 on their own. They aren’t hard to find.

  7. VeNoM362 says:

    TTT HD is just a nice bonus for something VeNoM362 was going to get anyways.

    It’s not like I would play TTT HD alot, but I guess I would play that one instead of my PS2 version when I did play it.

    I’m just saying…

  8. devilkaz says:

    looks like i dont have to buy tag2 any more. tag1 is the best tekken ever, period.

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