Tekken Tag Tournament Coming In HD!

Yes, you are not wrong – Tekken Tag Tournament is going to be released on PlayStation 3 (blu-ray) in a Tekken Hybrid pack, along with the Tekken: Blood Vengeance movie! Check out the very first trailer.


12 thoughts on “Tekken Tag Tournament Coming In HD!

  1. I’ll most probably ignore Tekken titles on the Nintendo consoles.. and focus on this one.. :D

    I’m excited for the pair play, and of course the nostalgia.

  2. Think I will pass on Tekken Tag HD since I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a Orge-fest. Not to mention Tekken Tag 2 is on the way so gots to keep playing T6.

  3. will probably get blood vengeance anyway so tttHD is definitely icing on the cake. i just hate to double dip though as i’ve been wanting to get the namco classic collection with tag/t4/sc2 for ps2

    1. We don’t know the full details on TTTHD yet so I would probably say you should just pick up t4 and sc2 on their own. They aren’t hard to find.

  4. TTT HD is just a nice bonus for something VeNoM362 was going to get anyways.

    It’s not like I would play TTT HD alot, but I guess I would play that one instead of my PS2 version when I did play it.

    I’m just saying…

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