TTT2 Coming To Wii Successor?!

Nintendo’s E3 press conference is now taking place. Having the company announced Wii U, the Nintendo Wii’s console successor using an innovative controller, a video interview with game developers was shown. Katsuhiro Harada said that in its 16-year long history a Tekken game will hit Nintendo’s home console for the first time. He mentioned that it’s going to be a new game, however, then, a footage from TTT2 was shown (or at least a Tekken game looking like TTT2). Know what? GET HYPED ON THE NEW TEKKEN GAME FOR NINTENDO Wii U!

12 Responses to TTT2 Coming To Wii Successor?!

  1. JB says:

    Doodles on your character? Smh Namdai.
    This new Wii U is realy something, the graphics look amazing though. o.o

  2. KsDpeep says:

    Must Buy!

  3. Spiriax says:

    That customizing system looks sweeet, I hope we get it in the “regular” TTT2!

  4. andre says:

    what i want to know is, will this game have the same special mode from “TEKKEN ADVANCE” triple tag?

  5. ICEYOU says:

    It can’t be a new Tekken game only for WII U. THAT STUPID!!

  6. ICEYOU says:

    Please let whatever their making be multi-platform! Or make a Wii U version of TTT2.

  7. Hito says:

    Show more features and video of Tekken on the Wii U, like custom stages.

  8. OMFG SOOOOOOO many Tekken games announced for the next 2 years. :’)

  9. abner says:

    lol drawing on the face seems like a bad idea, easily exploitable lol.

  10. VeNoM362 says:

    Gotta say from the little i’ve seen of this new Wii it seems pretty cool. Don’t think i’ll get one but its cool. It would be weird to play Tekken on the Wii with ANY of the Wii controllers, especially that new big ass controller.

    I’m just saying…

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