Cole from the inFamous series is going to be Sony’s Street Fighter X Tekken exclusive character! Check out new videos from the game, including footage from the recently announced PS Vita version!

7 Responses to Will SFxTK Be INFAMOUS On PS Vita?

  1. Lestat-Valentine says:

    I just noticed, in the 3rd Vid, that’s a broken down NANCY in the the backdrop. [Nice Touch]

    • RakkaKaze says:

      You noticed the giant broken nancy… but not the one on the freeway fighting what looks like a tank?

  2. madnis says:

    cole was confirmed as a character on the ps3 version as well via ono’s twitter account.

  3. JB says:

    Did no-one notice Kuni in the background of the 2nd vid?

  4. Nick says:

    Are we not going to address the fourth character teaser that was posted on Sunday on the official SFxTK site?

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