Tekken 6 Combo Videos By Golden Eggs & E.D.T!

There has been some great videos release this week, with Golden Eggs and a Kazuya combo compilation, E.D.T. has also released a second edition to their Mortal Kombat VS Tekken volumes! Click above to view Golden Eggs video and click below to view the MK VS Tekken vid!

This video by E.D.T’s T-Virus only featured customised Tekken characters this time round, but personally it’s my favorite out of the two TxMK vids! Great job guys!

6 Responses to Tekken 6 Combo Videos By Golden Eggs & E.D.T!

  1. Tekkenlover says:

  2. farhan says:

    juggles suck so much ass, it’s not even funny

  3. Tekkenlover says:

  4. Natan says:

    SDTeken is dead. No updates at all

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